Baby Wishes

23 Jan

So, I can’t really fill you in on the past two weeks, because:

  1. I don’t have time
  2. It’s a big bluuuur.

My brain is mushy.  Yep, that is a pretty good update.  Lack of sleep, incoherent blubbering, and I have about as much time as a chicken running around with their head cut off.

However, this evening, I somehow got both babies to sleep magically by 6:40pm without any tears from either baby!… Well, kind of.  Emmanuel woke up a bit after 7pm but I had him sleeping again very quickly.

I was on Pinterest and it made me think of something I wrote when I was pregnant about pregnant stuff, and I would like to copy and paste it here.  It is currently on my phone and I will paste it in another post.  I actually wanted to spend some brain power writing some new things, which is actually from something I saw on pinterest.  They are wishes you have for your baby, and you fill in the blank.  So here it goes!

Dear Baby,

  1. I hope you grow up to be a true man.  Emotionally strong and a supportive husband.
  2. I hope you aren’t afraid to do scary things.  I know I impose a lot of fear because I am afraid of everything.  I hope you can relax somewhat and do a normal amount of risky things.  Like gymnastics or surfing. 
  3. I hope you love God above all else.  I also hope you love to be with your family more than anyone else (until you get married, of course).
  4. I hope you get good grades?  Just kidding.  I hope you get a good girl.  I guess this goes above hoping.  I know you will get a good girl, because you will be a great guy 🙂
  5. I hope you laugh at yourself in middle school.  I think it is a good sign you are secure in who you are if it doesn’t bother you if you trip over your own feet.  I also hope you laugh as much as your daddy does!  
  6. I hope you never forget how much we love you!!!!  And that you are our precious first born son.  You are so special.
  7. I hope you ignore the things of the world.  I hope and pray you have enough wisdom to see through the evil plans of the world and ignore Hollywood and the Media and people who follow those things and are deceived.
  8. I hope you become a man after God’s own heart, like your namesake, David (minus his poor decisions – I hope you learn from those!)
  9. I hope you respect women!  Treat every girl as your sister and every woman as your mother.
  10. I hope you grow in the knowledge of the Word of God and apply it to your life!

I love you sweet baby Emmanuel!


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