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32 & 33 Weeks Pregnant

27 Feb

I really meant to write an update for 31 weeks, but the weekend just slipped past me. However, these last two weeks blend nicely together as far as pregnancy symptoms go.

I have been feeling more and more like a turtle, where, when I try to get up or move around when laying down, I’m rolling around and desperately trying to switch positions.

I have been sleeping extremely well and cannot believe that I haven’t been getting up to pee at all in the middle of the night!  I think my body thinks it is sleeping too well, however, because I have been waking up before 6am bright eyed and bushy tailed. I usually try to lay in bed and at least rest for awhile, but this morning was a bit more extreme.  I layed in bed for about a half an hour and finally looked at my clock and it was only 4:15am. I felt extremely rested and figured I might as well get up and do something productive. So, I unloaded the dishes, made a super yummy mango-avocado smoothie, and am currently in the process of making yogurt.

I also have gotten quite a bit more colostrum in in the past few days. I can easily squeeze out a bunch, although I am a bit nervous that I’ll be squeezing and looking and get majorly squirted in the eye.  But I don’t think that will happen until after the birth, but I could be surprised. Emmanuel has been almost like a newborn again in these past few days. I ask him if he is getting milk and if it is yummy, and he always says yes.  I guess he is enjoying this increased amount of colostrum. I was really enjoying our breast feeding relationship of nursing twice a day since my milk has dried up (well, I didn’t ever enjoy the pain, but I enjoyed the frequency). It just seemed balanced and normal. I have enjoyed the extra snuggling while nursing these past few days, but I’ve caught myself on several occasions staring blankly in to space while sitting on the couch, feeling exactly as I do when nursing a newborn: chained to the chair. And although the pain has decreased significantly since my milk initially dried up, it still isn’t super comfortable. I am not entirely sure if the discomfort is due to the fact that he uses his top teeth when he latches, or because I don’t have an ample supply of milk. I think it is due to the latter. I hope it is due to the latter. Only 7 more weeks of this!

This morning when I woke up, I think I couldn’t fall back asleep because I realized that today is Friday. That means I only have 3 weeks until spring break. After spring break, I only have 3 weeks until my due date. Even though there are a whole 7 weeks left of pregnancy, breaking it up in to 3, 1, and 3 weeks is making me feel FrEaKeD OUT! I have to file my taxes! I don’t know who is going to do it. I have to hire a new person at work. I have to NEST!  I have to buy Gentle Birth tincture. I have to clear my fridge of the yucky freezer meals I made in the fall and stock them with yummy freezer meals! I have to sleep while I can! I have to find an easy-to-read book series that I can read while totally sleep deprived. I have to investigate how to tandem nurse.  I have to exercise…

The last major symptom of the past few weeks has been an increase of hot flashes. Major hot flashes. I have never had real hot flashes until this pregnancy. And while I think menopause hot flashes are probably more extreme, I think I am getting a good preview.

Every day I become more in love with this absolutely sweet little baby. The baby just seems so happy inside my womb and I can best describe its movements as pleasant and content. I’m am excited to meet baby, but not too eager just yet!



31 Weeks Pregnant

13 Feb

Today I was super cranky. However, it wasn’t because of how I felt due to pregnancy. I just felt that I was close to the edge of crazy and was feeling super impatient, where usually I am calmly patient. It was horrible. I think the meaning of it all is that I need a nice mommy vacation.

This past week I have been suffering madly from all sorts of little ailments that have been heightening my senses for everything due to the discomfort (so I suppose I contribute my crankiness to this, ultimately). I have had a blister/canker sore on the inside of my lip for almost 2 weeks now. Usually they go away after a day or two. This one might get a bit smaller one day and then it swells up suddenly. On top of that, I have a sore on the tip of my tongue. It reminds me of a zit, that is how annoying it is! I have had that for almost a week! Once again, I’ve had inflamed taste buds here and there, but they usually go away in half a day or so. I cannot believe this one is still on my tongue, and it has not gotten a smidgen better after all these days. It is just hanging out. On top of those two extremely aggravating annoyances, while nothing new, my lips have been peeling and cracking like crazy, so every day I deal with patches of dead skin and patches of open cuts that are so fresh that they occasionally bleed. Lastly, yesterday I came down with another sore on my thumb (thank goodness it is far away from my face… I guess). I recall grabbing something prickly the other day (like broom bristles or something), pricking myself, and now there is some foreign little object in there causing havoc. All these minor wounds have been grating on my nerves like fingernails down a chalkboard.

In the happy news column, I bought our gender-neutral baby book this week! It was one of the few things that I needed to buy, and it makes me feel like I am ready for baby to join our family.

I also have to say that I have just been so delighted with my family this pregnancy. I feel like this baby is just as much of a sibling to the kids as they are to each other. We talk about the baby moving, we talk about what we will be doing right before baby arrives, and other things that we will do after the baby arrives, both of the kids ask me if the baby is sleeping or awake and love to place their hands on my tummy, and both kids talk to the baby just like they would to each other. I very much have three children present in my life.

Even though days like today make me wonder how I will get through similar days with two big kids and a newborn, I know this little babe will fit right in with our family, and I am super excited to meet our little one!

29 & 30 weeks pregnant

7 Feb

Get. Out. Of. Town. I’m THIRTY WEEKS pregnant?! I feel like I barreling down a street at 100mph and my brakes have gone. I’m not really complaining, I just can’t believe that it has gone so quickly. I am so stinking excited to meet our little one, but at the same time I would be totally happy to go overdue (or maybe just be pregnant forever?), except for the fact that visiting family would miss the birth. Pair that with my suspicion that I WON’T go overdue and it makes me flip out!

I’m currently enjoying bursts of energy which is channeled in to cleaning and organizing my house, and getting “stuff” crossed off my to-do list. I have no dirty laundry. My sheets are clean. I organized the garage and crawl space. I reorganized the kids’ clothes. I’ve been on top of cooking and cleaning the floors. It’s nice to feel like a normal human being!

The only complaint that I have is that at night when I just want to sit in bed and relax and read, I can’t really get comfortable. Sitting on my bed at a 95-100 degree angle is putting significant pressure on my vena cava and I get a fuzzy head within one minute. I think I might try to start readying the house more for baby and move some furniture around this weekend. I think if I bring the glider in my bedroom now (or maybe in the living room), I can lounge and relax in the glider without my extra weight pressing on my vena cava. I also feel the extreme need to get rid of stuff. The random clutter is driving me nuts!