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Busy life

24 Jul

Aghhhh life is so/too busy!

I’m working. I now own a language school, which is awesome, but I did not imagine spending my summer working every spare second. I’m marketing, recruiting, interviewing, training, schmoozing, shopping (business stuff), and organizing like crazy. This is challenging when I am still holding my full time(+!) position of stay at home mom.

I’m menu planning. We just used our last freezer meal the other week. These were the freezer meals I made way back in October, I think. I had made 9 or 11 meals and I only used them in emergencies. In addition, if I ever made a big batch of something (that was more than we could eat for 2 days) I would freeze the extra for a quick meal. That lasted me about 9 months! Now, I’m planning on stocking my freezer in a similar but better manner! All of the website I’ve seen about freezer cooking claim making 12 meals (for example), but the cook tripled each recipe…

Part of my cooking woes are that I have a picky pallet. I like yummy and varied recipes that fill me up, are healthy, and are cheap. Is that too much to ask?!? Apparently it is, as it takes me days to menu plan.

With all of that said, I plan on doing some freezer meals in September, and, yes, I have already begun planning!

Lastly, I’m having insomnia and sleeping poorly. Little pumpkin Emmanuel has been starting out the night in his crib lately (instead of our bed, since he started crawling), and once we are ready to crawl in bed I cannot fall asleep due to the fact that Emmanuel is not in bed with us! I am addicted to having him in bed with me. Not only am I a sleep aid for him, but he is a sleep aid for me! (Insert here an audio of a scream of horror of the revelation).

I am thinking that there is a scientific explanation of this dependency. Since relaxing hormones are released during breast feeding, and Emmanuel is latched on literally all night long, I think my body has developed a dependency on this release of hormones to sleep. Crazy! I hate sleeping with Emmanuel because he is totally in my space, but I can’t sleep at all if he isn’t in bed.

So on that sleep deprived note I leave you…


30 Day Shred Check in – week one (Guy Version!)

8 Jul

Fernando’s before and after photos today after one week were pretty impressive! I haven’t asked if I can post them, so if I do get permission, the photo(s) will be posted tomorrow. Click here to see my results after one week of doing the 30 DS.

I can say that he lost a whopping four pounds in one week! This is from doing the TWENTY minute 30 Day Shred workout each day and he has been counting calories. Is it just me, or do guys lose weight a lot easier than girls do???

No matter.

I kind of would like to redo the 30DS as well, since I did not do it a full 30 days, but I don’t know if it is worth blogging. I have hopped in on the workout two times in one week, but my priority this month is taking care of the kids so Fernando can meet his fitness goal.

Hopefully I will be able to post his inspiring photo tomorrow!

30 Day Shred Part 2.2.1

7 Jul

My other half decided to begin working out and counting calories 6 days ago. He was inspired to do Jillian Michaels’ workout specifically after seeing my results, but he was already planning on getting in to shape. Tomorrow will be the first week’s check in, with a photo comparison and a weigh in. We also measured his belly (I’m not sure what else guys should measure…). We won’t take measurements again for a month though.

I am really excited to see him committed to getting healthy (again). During my pregnancy with Emmanuel he actually dropped like 25 lbs just by watching his diet, and he was looking quite slim (check out how handsome he looks on the birth video here). However, crazily enough, he has gained back about 15lbs since Emmanuel was born.

Yesterday I planned out our menu for the next week and a half or so of foods. My goal when cooking and shopping is always:


Unfortunately I have been sacrificing healthy stuff in the past few months. I have been planning more pasta meals because they are filling and cheap. I have been making rice as a side (I don’t think I ever made rice until I moved to Mexico, and I think I can count on my hands the number of times I have made it).

A huge ingredient on my shopping list is shirataki “noodles”. I’ve never had them before but read about them yesterday when I was looking for a pasta substitute/alternative. I hear they are expensive, and I’m not sure if I can find them, but they sound really healthy. They aren’t just “healthy” like low calories, they sound healthy like lower cancer etc.

Tomorrow I will post the weight lost, but probably won’t get the OK for a picture comparison. Either way, I’m sure it will be exciting.

I’m Pregnant

2 Jul

Emmanuel is 7 months old.

The weirdest things have been happening in the past month or so…

Fernando was talking to Hadassah and said something along the lines of, “you are my most beautiful daughter!” I immediately started to say, “Um, honey, you really shouldn’t say that since I am pregnant with your other daughter…” but I was not pregnant.

In Mexico, my mother-in-law said something like, “Your two children are so delightful,” and I almost burst out with, “You mean my three children… don’t forget the one I am pregnant with,” but I am not pregnant.

The other day someone was taking a little informal survey of who was pregnant. I started to raise my hand without thinking twice, then I realized I am not pregnant. Or am I? Why in the world do I keep thinking (without batting an eyelash) that I am pregnant?

Today I went to visit a friend who gave birth two weeks ago and I suddenly felt baby fever. We didn’t mind having baby #2 so close to baby #1, but we decided baby #3 should be more planned… and come much later because I felt really overwhelmed the first 6 months of Emmanuel’s life. However, maybe it is because we have been on vacation, but I’m totally feeling like I can handle baby #3 and I feel completely silly for hoping to avoid pregnancy for another year. On the other hand, I have just taken over a language school and getting pregnant any time soon would really complicate matters!

Even though my mind is stuck in pregnancy mode, I am not really pregnant.

Or am I?

I guess the only way to be more definite would be to take a test…