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Biological Super Powers

11 Aug

What is up with this body odor I have?  Fernando apporached me.  “Do I smell bad?” I asked Fernando as I was putting a slice of toast in the toaster.  He takes a distracted whiff as he cleans out the sink, “MmmMm” he grunts in the negative.  “Well, then you must be the stinky one.” I say jokingly, as I know Fernando never smells bad.

I know this is a bit personal, but I have always had a stronger than normal body odor.  A few years back I was overjoyed to discover a little thing called prescription deodorant.  I was not overjoyed, however, to learn that the ingredients on this and normal deodorant can be rather harmful to the body.  However, I really was left with no choice but to use it (to stink for the rest of my life and have no friends because of how bad I smell, or to possibly get cancer in the future?).

Fast forward to almost present day.  When I got pregnant, to my absolute delight I realized that I did not need to use the prescription deodorant.  Fast forward to several weeks after this revelation:  I realized on a day I forgot ANY deodorant that I did not reek!  It was a miracle!  Now, having studied a bit of biology in the university, I have deduced a scientific explanation:  Before getting pregnant I was very evolutionarily advanced in that I had very strong body odor (in all honestly, it makes me feel a bit better to tell myself this).  We all know that many organisms release pheromones, which attract mates, which ultimately end up in procreating and passing on an individual’s genes (and if you didn’t know that before, now you know!).  So, I just had strong body odor because it is a trait of survival of the fittest.  Or survival of the stinkiest I suppose.  So, since I was super stinky, in the animal kingdom I am guaranteed to pass on my genes to some unsuspecting individual who cannot resist my B.O. (and Fernando thought he fell in love with me… little did HE know!  It’s all actually in my armpits!  Ha!  Just kidding honey).

Upon being pregnant, knowing that I was carrying Fernando’s offspring, my body had no reason to attract other potential mates.  My genes were already secure in carrying little Hadassah.  So I celebrate this part of being pregnant.

This men's deodorant works for about 10 minutes on me.


Fast forward again to 36 weeks pregnant.  I forget to put deodorant on (a now common occurrence – not only do I have “pregnancy brain,” but why would I put deodorant as a memory priority if I do not have any consequence if I forget every once in a while?).  I notice soon after that I have a stench later in the day.  Uh-oh.  A few days later I notice that I am smelling again, even with deodorant.  I decide to suffer through the smell, as I do not want to expose my little baby to unnecessary harmful chemicals.  I decide that I can stink for the (hopefully) four more weeks that I am pregnant.

Also at 36 weeks in utero, my little offspring can, according to doctors, survive outside the womb without intervention.  Her lungs are fully developed.  And I am also assuming her nose is also fully developed.  No wonder I start smelling again – it is so my dear little baby can recognize me via my strong odor outside the womb!  Well done survival skills!

Lastly, fast forward to today.  My body odor is stronger than ever.  It is even worse than before I ever got pregnant – even with my prescription deodorant.  I guess my offspring are guaranteed to survive because I stink so bad.  I whine in my head, wondering why my offspring couldn’t just have super-eyesight instead of super-scent.  Is there really an advantage of having super-scent over super-eyesight?  I guess I should count Hadassah lucky that she can distinguish me by the way I smell.  Just this morning our dog climbed up in my lap in the nursery and was furiously moving his little nose and looking towards the crib.  I did wonder, “what in the world is he smelling?”  I guess I am a little jealous that Hadassah has super-scent.  I suppose my superpower is pretty cool in the biological world: I have super-odor.



11 Aug

Medela, the mother of pumping

Ok.  I am in a crisis.  A milk crisis.  It isn’t that I am lacking milk.  My crisis is that I really just started stocking up on frozen breast milk about a week ago and I plan on   continuing at this rate until I go back to work in about 5 weeks, and I am already running out of freezer space.  And if you had read my last post, you would know that I have already cleaned out my freezer to the maximum.  I even sacrificed that tub of cookie dough (I know it was old and gross, but it is still a sacrifice).

I’ve been looking on Craigslist for deep freezers since before Hadassah was even born.  My problem is that even though we can easily afford a Craigslist deep freezer (and many other wonderful Craigslist items), we have no way to transport it to our house.  I absolutely will not pay full price for a deep freezer when there are so many wonderful ones out there needing a good home from Craigslist.

One idea that I have to solve this problem is to purchase a truck.  I cannot tell you how many times I have been on Craigslist and found something really amazing – a king sized bed, an antique dresser, and now deep freezers.  If we bought a truck, we could purchase discounted treasures to our heart is content.

Now you might be thinking that purchasing a truck is not rational, and that we should rent one if anything, but for some reason that cancels out the great deal in my mind in comparison to if we bought a truck.  I know, I am a bit crazy.

The last idea that I have is to stop freezing any and all kind of food, with the exception of the precious and golden milk.  I’m leaning towards the latter.

Nighttime Cleaning

11 Aug

It is a quiet night despite the fact that Fernando is watching a humming soccer game on his Nook with passionate commentators.  It is peaceful because it still feels like a summer night.  It is warm, but not hot.  The house is tidy.  I further organized Hadassah’s diaper stash (and speaking of the precious babe, she is sleeping soundly…like a baby).  I also just organized the freezer to accomodate my growing frozen milk collection.

In the process of cleaning out my freezer, I found a tub of (rather old) cookie dough that a student sold me last year.  It was half full and taunted me, “Use within 6 months.”  Man those things are expensive!  Why did I leave a tub of cookie dough go to waste on my time and in my freezer?  Then it dawned on me – I bought it just prior to the onset of my “morning sickness” (Pregnancy soapbox warning:  Who names these pregnancy ailments anyway?  I am sure it must have been a man, because I have yet to meet a woman that only felt bad in the morning.  It is more like 24/7 sickness… or I’m-so-sick-I-can’t-sleep sickness.  Hmmm, that latter one would actually make a fun acronym. I.S.S.I.C.S.S… I’ve got the ISSICSS.)

I decided to challenge the expiration date and bake some cookies.  This happened after the fact that I tried to dig in to the cookie dough and enjoy it raw.  It did have a funny taste to it and in the back of my mind I was hoping that I wouldn’t get salmonella poisoning.  You have to live on the edge, right?  I especially want to take advantage of doing crazy things like eating (old) cookie dough, since I am not baking a little bun in my biological oven anymore and therefore not responsible for affecting a developing person.

A very full freezer


The timer chimed after 10 minutes and I took out the hazardous cookies.  Some looked normal.  Some looked extra crispy.  Some looked goo-ily delicious (this is actually the start of the next chapter in Goldilocks).  I peeled the cookies off the sheet and Fernando was excitedly surprised by my evening treat.  As he got out a glass for milk, I nibbled on a baked cookie and decided that the expiration date wasn’t kidding.  I don’t think I will get sick from eating the cookies (the dough yes, the cookies no), but if someone who never tried cookies before had their rookie experience with my “cookies,” they would never be tempted to eat cookies again in their life.

I asked Fernando how he liked them and he thought they were great.  He told me, beaming, that he ate three of them.  I, on the other hand, was disappointed with their quality.  I guess I learned my lesson: trust the words on a tub of cookie dough.  I somewhat feel I wasted about 20 minutes of my life testing out the quality of the cookies in my little experiment.  However, Fernando seemed pretty happy about the “surprise.”  Maybe I should clean more frequently at night.

Diaper duty vs. Diaper FUN!

1 Aug

I l.o.v.e changing diapers.  I love it so much it has to be illegal in parent-land.  What person enjoys diaper changing?!?  I would like to offer you the secret to my pleasure: CLOTH diapers.

When you are using disposable diapers, not only are you dealing with a mess, but no wonder you are cranky when you are literally throwing your money in the trash.  And your money was spent on poop.  Or rather you are throwing your money out

While these are our cute pocket diapers, my favorites are the "old fashioned" prefolds (a rectangular cloth used with a cover)

because it was pooped on.  Whichever way you view your money related to poop, the scenario is never good.

According to the Baby Cost Calculator, my sister has spent $3,000 on her youngest child in diapering and wipes.  He will be 3 in a few weeks and is just now potty training.  She may even spend more if she invests in pull ups.  And she has two other kids.  So that means she will have spent around $9,000 in diapers!  Eek!  I have spent about $300, and I can see myself spending another $100 just for fun.  So that means if I have 3 kids (which, we actually want more), we will have saved around $8,600.  I’m pretty sure that is enough money for Fernando and I to go on that tour of Europe we would like to go on.  We are aiming for that trip around our 10 year anniversary.

While I like washing everyday clothes, I detest folding and putting them away.  Sometimes it has taken me a week to put clothes away.  Ugh.  But luckily, cloth diapers are so easy to put away, and I therefore do not mind diaper laundry!  I don’t have to fold anything.  I just stick ’em back in the drawer!  A laundry-hater’s dream!  And washing my cloth diapers is a joy!  Every time I throw a load in, I think of how I just saved $10, or however much a pack of diapers and wipes cost.  Also, I don’t get angry when I change Hadassah and one minute later she soils her new diaper.  She could do that all day long and with each time that it happens, I feel like I am saving even MORE money!

What about the gross part?  You know, washing poop and pee in your washing machine?  That IS pretty gross.  Until your sister tells you how all three of her kids are sick and have been throwing up and having diarrhea all over the house and all over themselves.  This is where I decided I could cloth diaper.  My sister didn’t throw away all those soiled clothes and bedsheets (and carpet!).  She had to throw them in the washer.  I asked myself, “What is the difference between poop on clothes and poop on diapers?” Why, nothing, of course!  The washing part of cloth diapering was the only thing holding me back from not cloth diapering.  But once her kids got sick and I heard what was going on in their household, nothing could stop me!

I’ve had people state, “Oh that’s so much more work,” or persuasively ask, “Are you sure you don’t need a pack of disposables when I go to the store?”  Cloth diapering does not even seem that much more of a burden to me.  We came home from the hospital with a dozen newborn disposable diapers, plus one pack of 36 diapers received as a gift (36 diapers = 3 days of diapers, which = $8) and have slowly been using the stash.  Very slowly.  I think we still have over 2 dozen diapers left.  So, the point is, we have used our cloth diapers and the disposable diapers.  We have used both while we are out and about around town.  Here is a specific example:  We have gone hiking several times and whether we use disposables or cloth, we still have to pack it out.

So, those are just a few reasons cloth diapering is dapper.