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28 weeks pregnant

26 Jan

Once again, I am a teeny tiny bit late in posting an update, but since it hasn’t been an eventful past week (in pregnancy), I will let myself off the hook.

This last week I suffered a bit from insomnia, so I drank some Nighty-Night tea and plan on staying on top of my magnesium supplements from now on.

Although I am in love with third trimester, I had back pain for most of the week, and it came on almost overnight. I suspect that it had to do with me doing some exercising the previous week. I couldn’t walk or bend or do anything like normal for days. It felt like I just needed to pop my back, but it also felt like my tummy was throwing off my center of gravity and causing the pain. To my delight, on Saturday morning when I was laying in bed waking up, I stretched and felt that beautiful “pop” of relief! I was exponentially better that same day.

As far as my pregnancy musings go, I have gotten really giddy thinking about the fact that my due date is LESS than 12 weeks away! And although I don’t think I have to worry about delivering too much ahead of my due date, it is throwing me for a loop to think that I will be full term in 9 weeks.

Time is just flying by and I can’t do anything to stop it. In spite of being “unprepared,” I feel pretty relaxed. Now that I am on baby 3, I know that all I need is a car seat, a place for baby to sleep, some outfits cleaned, and it’d be nice to get the cloth diapers ready. While I could go in to nesting mode and wash the diapers, I am dreading the storage of the diapers in our bedroom. The longer I can put that off, the better!

Another baby thing that has gotten me really excited is that we have made our official name list! We have our top three girl and boy names penned in ink, and are ready to name our sweet little babe after we meet him or her. I am so ecstatic to meet my new little prince or princess.

The last exciting thing that happened last week is that we decided to use a birth photographer. I am overjoyed that we will get this third birth professionally captured. Besides our wedding, we have never done professional photographs. This is a true and special treat for one of the most beautiful events of our lives.


27 weeks pregnant

19 Jan

Today I am more than 27 weeks pregnant, which makes me feel like time is really flying by. I’m going to be 28 weeks pregnant in just a few DAYS.

I am elated to officially be in my third trimester. I know with my first pregnancy I was so cranky my last month of pregnancy, but it honestly was more because I just wanted an extra month with my baby before going back to work, and each day that I was pregnant past the textbook “full term” was a day that I felt was being robbed from me.

For the second time around, I recall thinking how I knew in my head that it was so much easier to cart around a baby in my tummy while doing errands (and life) than a baby outside of my tummy, so I didn’t really wish him out.

For this third little pumpkin, I am so excited for us to have a bigger family and to watch the kids take responsibility of being an older sibling to a tiny, helpless babe. H & E are so close in age that the only life they have ever known has been with their sibling. I think it will be a fun change to have that novelty of a new baby in the house.

So, while I am sure I will have complaints in this last trimester, it cannot be worse than those first SIX months of pregnancy. I have achieved pregnancy bliss, and by golly, I will cling to this bliss!

This past week I experienced legitimately painful jabs for this bambino. I know that will be something I dislike later. I keep wondering how a 2lb creature can be so injurious.

Also a new “symptom” that I experienced this week was difficulty leaning forward. A few different times I was sitting at the table for dinner or working at a chair. I tried to lean forward to get something and was prevented from moving where I wanted to go. I leaned back slightly and tried to get some momentum and attempted to lean forward again. I felt like I was hitting a wall. I don’t remember my belly physically limiting me this way. I’m not having problems squatting, I’m having problems reaching things.

I noticed a slight increase in difficulty in rolling around and getting out of bed. Struggling to get out of bed is going to creep up on me like the ticking hands of a clock.

While on my last pregnancy update I had experienced extreme energy bursts, this last week I was met by extreme exhaustion. Several nights after getting the kids in to bed, I also went straight to bed to hibernate. Even with my extreme exhaustion, I managed to do some butt/ab exercises and lift weights twice. I was really excited about strengthening my body. Maybe it is because I realize labor is so close, and I was to be in kick-booty shape and feel free to pull some ninja moves during labor if I so desire.

One more thing that I dealt with last week was that I was attacked by the sweets monster. It might be because I had the excuse that it was my birthday, but I ate decadent birthday desserts four different nights. Yikes. Now that I’m thinking about it, those desserts were probably what were really behind my motivation to do strength training. I think I subconsciously felt my butt getting jigglier. Also, because I was craving sweets so badly, it made me question my 99% assurance that I have a little girl baking inside. According to my own studies on my own pregnancies, sweets cravings point towards boy pregnancies. So now I am 51% convinced I am pregnant with a boy. Or maybe 49% convinced. The point is, I think I have an equal chance at being surprised at birth! I kept thinking how if I gave birth to a girl, I would almost yawn at the news, thinking, “Um, helloooo. Of course it is a girl. Intuition told me that.” And if it happened to be a boy, I would be so extremely surprised that I would view the baby as strangely as I would view an alien, and mentally ask the baby, “Wait – did you undergo a sex change while you were in the womb?”

The fact that I am craving sweets gives me hope that I do not actually know what sex this baby is. I won’t be annoyed that I “already knew the answer” if it is a girl. I won’t flip out if it is a boy because I am flabbergasted from the surprise. I will have a normal amount of eagerness and be filled with brimming joy either way!

On Turning 30

16 Jan

Today I crossed in to another decade. I know many women might feel depressed about the big 3-0, but I feel pretty content.

A few years ago, one of my friends was getting ready to turn 30. I remember thinking it was unfortunate that she was going to hit a new decade. “I’m going to be 30,” sounded so old. She also shared that on her previous birthday she had made a list of a bunch of goals that she had for herself before she turned 30. I remember thinking how cool and inspirational that was, and how I hoped to do something similar.

Well, several years have passed, and I have no list of goals that I am reviewing. Last night, my husband asked me if I accomplished all that I had wanted to accomplish in my 20’s. I think I have, but I also feel like I achieved more than I wanted.

My main goals upon entering my 20’s were to graduate college and get married. That’s pretty much it. However, in my 20’s, not only did I graduate college, but I got my Master’s Degree by age 24. That definitely wasn’t in my plan, but it just got thrown at me, and I said, “well, why not?”

I didn’t have the goal to travel to XYZ places this decade, but I made it to Mexico, Central America, Africa, & Europe (& DISNEYLAND on two continents!).

I didn’t have a goal to get a stable job, so I’ve had the incredible experience of saying that I’ve taught everything from ESL, Biology, Chemistry, Math, Dance, & Spanish.

I knew that I wanted to have kids, but I don’t know if I made it an official goal. It was always just, “this is the best time to get pregnant, so let’s do it!” Now I will have 3 kids at the age of 30.

I’ve spent a lot of time in the past few years sitting on the couch, making hundreds of breakfasts, PBJ’s, changing thousands of poopy diapers, calming tantrums, reading books out loud, doing dishes & laundry. Were those on my goal list entering my 20’s? Yesterday I thought, “I am SO glad Emmanuel pooped 4 times today. If he hadn’t, I would have missed my 2,000th poopy diaper goal before turning 30.” True story about the number of poopy diapers yesterday, and a hyperbole for the poopy diaper goal.

Today I did a few loads of laundry and showered, but intentionally neglected the kitchen (it is my birthday after all). If you can’t find joy in these mundane things, what is life for?

I had a goal of becoming a doula starting last summer, but over 18 months ago, I was literally gifted with ownership of a school. Yes, it seems impressive to say that I am the director of a school, but, even though starting up an immersion kindergarten was in my nebulous future plans, I feel like I cheated somehow in this goal. I’m so glad I have had this opportunity to own a small business, but that definitely wasn’t on my radar when I entered my 20’s.

Other reasons I feel absolutely fabulous entering my 30’s are due to me being pregnant. A 30 year old woman might feel a dread upon recalling that she is not as fit and trim as when turning 20. But, once again, I am cheating here. First of all, I feel greatest about my body when I am pregnant. I feel more feminine and beautiful when pregnant than when not pregnant. And at 6.5 months pregnant, I am approaching that peak of pregnancy beauty. How could I not love that?

And other complaints about a 30 year old body?

“I’m a little chubbier than I used to be!” a fellow female might lament.

Well, I’m pregnant! I am celebrating the fact that I gained 14lbs since July.

“I’m not as energetic and fit as before,” says another.

Once again, I have the most beautiful excuse. I’m PREGNANT!

In conclusion, I am feeling thirty, and flirty, and fine! Many thanks to my pregnancy for letting me off the hook on some of the depressing issues about a new decade. However, I feel that I might need some extra moral support on my 31st birthday, so please celebrate me with gusto next year.

26 Weeks Pregnant

12 Jan

This last week I had so much energy. I finally felt like I could accomplish almost the same amount of stuff that a normal person can. It is amazing how much one can get done when one feels well.

As usual, baby is moving constantly. I finally got a preview of the potentially painful jabs I will be getting in the future. I can’t help but think this is going to be another long and skinny (and bony!) little girl.

I dedicated a good chunk of time to thinking about names, and decided at the moment I really like Scarlett, Penelope, and Zara. I think all those names work really well in both English and Spanish.

I am still sleeping pretty comfortably, but I noticed that rolling from one side to another is almost difficult to do. I don’t expect that I will be able to quickly roll from one side to the other effortlessly for even another week. Also, I think I have to retire my favorite sleeping position – sleeping on my back. Last week I felt like I had some weird pressing on various organs while I was on my back. The best way to describe it is that I felt like my insides were getting heavy. In addition, two nights ago I woke up (quite groggily) and I think I was having some dizziness due to lack of oxygen. I can’t really pinpoint or describe accurately what was going on since I was in the middle of sleeping, but I just remember thinking that I needed to roll on to my side. When I rolled over to my side, I remember that I felt relief in my respiration.

Last week was a great week, and I am looking forward to the remaining days of pregnancy!

22-25 weeks pregnant

2 Jan

I’ve lost it. I’ve lost my list. I started compiling a giant list of names that I liked for both boys and girls that work well in both English and Spanish, and it somehow disappeared. I was just getting ready to review it and maybe start narrowing down the names and discovered the list was not where I thought I left it.

Playing on Team Green is really throwing me for a loop. I love not knowing if this baby is a boy or a girl; it makes me feel like I am getting back to the grass roots of birthing in a way. However, I am surrounded with contemporary culture and am feeling a bit overwhelmed. I started wondering how people named their babies 30 years ago… then I realized that the lack of technology contributed to the overflow of certain names. People turned to their ancestors and the Bible to name their babies. I like both of those trends, but I just finished looking through an entire list of popular baby names throughout the world. I think I have too much choice.

On the bright side, I am almost set on a girl name. On the other side, it is giving me no motivation to consider boy names since I feel so convinced it is a girl.

I suppose I should note that I haven’t been dwelling on names for this entire past lunar month. I officially quit drinking coffee and milk, and many of my abdominal issues have resolved themselves. I’m quite capable of moving around like a normal person and doing all my daily activities without grumbling about any sort of pregnancy ailment, although today I noticed my belly got in the way when I was bending over to sort some laundry. It is safe to say that I have been experiencing complete pregnancy bliss these past 3ish weeks.

Baby moves so gently all throughout the day. It makes me hope that I will get blessed with a sweet and gentle little babe who is calm and balanced. The other two kiddos behave outside the womb very similarly to how they behaved inside the womb. H moved a lot in the day and never woke me up at night. She had two “outbursts” where it felt like she was trying to claw her way out of the womb. Outside the womb, she was/is gentle and calm, she slept through the night fairly early on, and only has an occasional tantrum. My little man was crazy in the womb and strong. He also would wake me up in the middle of the night. Outside the womb, he rarely ever relaxed. As a newborn, he was constantly thrashing and scratching and hitting me while breast feeding. He was wide awake from 2am – 6am for his first few months of life, similar to his womb schedule. Because of my two previous experiences, I am having high hopes for baby 3 regarding my conclusions of their personality based on their movements in the womb.

Last week I started having very intense Braxton Hicks contractions. I have had them for months, but over the past two weeks they have gotten extremely strong. I would characterize them as a hair below the intensity of a labor contraction. While I only have a maximum of 2-3 in an hour, I do get them multiple times a day. I don’t think I am too dehydrated and I don’t feel like I am doing too much, but maybe my idea of “too much” and my body’s idea of “too much” don’t line up. I got slightly nervous at the intensity of them, but I have been trying to think about it logically. They aren’t labor contractions and they aren’t on any sort of schedule. Even though I have a great logical argument for not worrying, I have to say that I was extra relieved to hit the 24 week milestone, which is the textbook day for recognized viability outside the womb.

My goal in the next few weeks is to enjoy pregnancy and to listen to my body.