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Wipes solution leads to revolution

29 Nov

In the beginning of my cloth diapering adventure, I felt so overwhelmed.  Besides having to decide on seemingly hundreds of different diapers, I had to consider using cloth wipes.  My initial response was, “yuck, cloth wipes?!” but I soon realized that a cloth wipe is no different than a cloth diaper.

While I can point out many wonderful things about cloth wipes, I want to point out my cloth wipe solution.  When I was going through the difficulty of deciding how in the world one uses cloth wipes, I actually started out incorrectly.  I threw together water with…water.

When considering how the adult (-ahem-) wipes oneself, many use just a dry tissue paper.  While a wet wipe dampened with water seems refreshing, I would want a little bit more if I had peed my own pants.  So, I began researching wipes “recipes.”

I now have my very own unique recipe for our wipes, but more than anything I am so happy to have learned WHY certain ingredients are important.  My wipes solution includes the following:

Oil (baby oil or EVOO) – this help the wipe solution lovingly slide across baby’s bum.
Baby shampoo/wash – this helps clean the area…as shampoo and body wash should do.

——and most interesting:——

A dash of essential oil.

      I originally thought a dash of essential oil was just for aromatherapy purposes and purely recreational.  However, I learned in October (thanks to my handy dandy “brain” daily calender) that essential oils have ANTIBACTERIAL PROPERTIES!!!!!!!  (I am not one to write in all caps, but this is truly EXCITING!).  So, besides refreshing Hadassah with a lemony scent or relaxing her with lovely lavender, the essential oils kick some bacterial booty! (pun intended)

And to add amazingness to my awe-inspired moment, about a week later a friend gave me some natural hand sanitizer from Whole Foods.  Active ingredient: Essential oils.

Here’s to killing bacteria the natural way!