Pregnancy Memories

24 Jan

This is the text that I was talking about yesterday. I wrote this when I was 37 weeks pregnant back in November:

1. how much weight have you gained? – I think I am at 31 lbs according to the dr scale, but not quite that much at home in the morning before eating an without clothes and shoes!

2. what is your fondest prego memory? – I was so excited to feel baby flip at 9 weeks. I didn’t feel my first until 19 weeks!

3. your most ridiculous moment? – This actually happened 3-4 times… The first time really freaked me and my hubby out. We were watching a funny movie and I was laughing and all of a sudden I started crying uncontrollably! Like I said, it happened several other times after!

4. what will you miss? – I will miss feeling baby move and easily taking baby with me EVERYWHERE 24/7

5. Not miss? – getting out of bed as a pregnant person! It is so hard! That and the extreme pain I get when my bladder is full in the middle of the night.

6. What are you most looking forward to when baby gets here (in rfegards to your baby) – snuggling and breast feeding baby.

7. and…
for yourself? – I’d like to get my hair done.

8. What will you do to finalize the “Ah, I am not pregnant anymore” feeling? – get a normal drink from Starbucks, drink a nice glass of wine.


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