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21 Weeks Pregnant

8 Dec

I’m feeling loads better since last week. I finally got to a doctor and got antibiotics. The diagnosis was bronchitis and sinus infection. Double yuck! I have finished my antibiotics, but I feel like I still have some lingering bacteria that will be coming back for revenge probably in a few weeks. I guess that is what happens when you allow yourself to battle sickness for 6 weeks without intervention.

Besides recovering, I am just loving the super frequent kicks and thumps from little baby. I can’t believe how strong s/he is! I have seen movement from the outside before, but it is common now at 21 weeks. I…think…I can say… I LOVE BEING PREGNANT! Cheers to the true beauty of pregnancy!


20 weeks pregnant

1 Dec

As I was getting ready to write this, I noticed that I did not post a 19 week update. I am really surprised, because I totally thought that I did! I guess I was so excited about starting a week-long Thanksgiving holiday that it slipped my mind.

Week 18 was great because I was so healthy (FINALLY!). I started week 19 feeling good, but the day before Thanksgiving I got sick with my same sickness I had for weeks already, only it was worse because I had major sinus issues, ear pain, congestion, body aches and mucus on top of the coughing. So, I was well for basically a week and a half. Wooptie-doo-dah. I am a hair away from going absolutely crazy from being sick. I have been miserable almost non-stop since Labor Day. If wasn’t morning sickness, it was gall bladder pain. If it wasn’t gall bladder pain, it was major stomach pain. If it wasn’t stomach pain, it was a respiratory infection. If it wasn’t a respiratory infection, it is a sinus AND respiratory infection. I can’t sleep because I can’t breathe and I am absolutely choking on mucus in my vocal chords and from the post nasal drip. Like, I HONESTLY can’t breathe. I’ve taken tylenol, benedryl, used Vick’s, humidifier with medicine, and sinus rinses. Nothing helps at all. So if I flip out like a maniac this week, that’s why.


I just want to enjoy these next few weeks of pregnancy as I SHOULD, and not be bogged down by sickness. And in case you are shouting through the screen telling me to go to the doctor, I can’t. I couldn’t get through to my PCP this morning (I thought the whole city faced an apocalypse while I was sleeping, since I couldn’t get through to the kids’ pediatrician either), and when I finally did, they told me they don’t accept my insurance. Nice. Towing two kids to an urgent care doesn’t exactly sound like my idea of fun, especially since I am taking them to the doctor today. And my OB office refused to write me a prescription for antibiotics. I swear, doctors in the west treat patients like they are idiots. I’ve gone in to my PCP 3 times in the past 5 years. When I had swine flu, I was really grateful they gave me tamiflu. However, for the other two times, I had a sinus infection and they refused to give me antibiotics. The first time they said I hadn’t been sick long enough. The second time, they told me I had been sick so long that they weren’t going to prescribe medicine. Before I had sinus surgery to fix my deviated septum, I got a sinus infection every other month. I am a sinus infection expert. I know when I need antibiotics. I’ve been sick for 5 stinking weeks, and I can’t get antibiotics. I know not all doctors are the same, but today I just feel like saying doctors are like dictators.

Ok. Deep breath. I’m done with that.

In other news, today was my first day “back to work.” I tried to disconnect completely from work last week, which was successful on the surface. I made sure to stay away from email, but I ended up having a nightmare about marketing, taxes, and my to-do list that was floating around my head (I’m not going to lie, I miss the pen and paper days where I made my to-do lists every day. I don’t do so well with an electronic list, and therefore rely on a mental to-do list, which is stressful). I was actually more productive this morning than I usually am, in spite of being sick. I guess I must feel mentally recharged after vacation to tackle a bunch of pending items. Either that, or I came to my senses and realized if I don’t kick my to-do list to the curb, I won’t be able to sleep over Christmas.

Back to pregnancy, I would be in pregnancy heaven if I just felt healthy. I don’t know if it is because I am older, because it is 2014, or because I am on baby 3, but my immune system has never been THIS bad. I am absolutely loving feeling the baby move every day, several times a day. At the end of this week, I will go in for an ultrasound and get to see my little pumpkin. At least I have that to look forward to! I really need to resist the urge to ask if it is a boy or a girl. I’ve been questioning our choice to be on team green! But I must stay strong. I know it will make labor day that much sweeter!!!