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What I’m Doing

30 May

Here’s what I’m doing right now/lately:

Getting ready to leave the country.

Unexpectedly taking over a language immersion school. (Yep, I officially own a school as of 2 weeks ago)

Keeping my house in order.

Needless to say, I have been super busy. I haven’t worked out in 5 days, but I have to be okay with that. It doesn’t mean I am never working out again. In spite of that I took my current measurements and will post them tomorrow (from the poolside, hopefully!) and they are pretty exciting!


Happy Memorial Day

27 May

Today is a holiday celebrated by grilling out, camping, boating, and retail sales. It seems strange to have a day off work for the purpose of remembering, and I honestly do not know if it is because people are supposed to visit cemeteries when they are remembering or not, but I view Memorial Day as a cheery but somber holiday.

I’ve heard “Happy Memorial Day” many times this weekend and it seems a little out of place since this is a morbid holiday, until you think about it a little bit more.

If the USA had not had people who sacrificed their lives, we citizens would not be enjoying the same freedoms. It reminds me of Good Friday – we celebrate someone who was innocently killed by crucifixion, but it is a WONDERFUL day! By His death we were made free.

Therefore, I am okay with being happy on Memorial Day and with others being happy on this day as evidence of our appreciation of freedom which can only come through others’ sacrifice.

For that reason I say Happy Memorial Day.

I Love My Bed

24 May

I have always had a love-hate relationship with sleep. I love sleep, I love resting, and I love sleeping in. However, once I entered my adult years, I hated sleeping my day away, and loved getting up with the sunshine. My idea of sleeping in when single was 10am. When married, it got bumped to about 8:30am. With kids, if I get to sleep till 7am (or even 7:30am!) I am happy! Can any of my Mommas out there agree!?

Several weeks ago I ordered a new mattress in king size for several reasons:

  • I have wanted a King Size bed ever since my first pregnancy
  • A King Size bed would work so much better for nursing at night.
  • Both our queen sheets were ripped and I was going to have to buy a new sheet set (or two)
  • I was looking in to buying a mattress for Emmanuel’s Pack N Play, which would cost something.
  • When I added up the costs of new sheets which I had to buy anyway and a new mattress for Emmanuel, + our needs/wants and researched new mattress costs, I decided it would be worth it to purchase a new mattress.

    I slept on my sister’s mattress when I was at her house the other month and it was so comfortable, so I decided I did not even need to go test mattresses out, I would just buy her mattress. Since she told me her mattress was a few thousand dollars, I was prepared for higher costs but was determined to research for the cheapest price.

    The bad news is that her mattress is no longer manufactured, but I found a similar one.

    My mattress is Simmons Beauty Rest Classic. My sister had some other type of Beauty Rest. I was a little nervous when ordering it, but I LOVE THIS MATTRESS! In addition, I found it super cheap (less than $800 for mattress, box spring, frame, and delivery) at, so definitely check them out!

    Both Fernando and I are getting way more sleep and way better sleep. In addition, there are a few extra bonuses to a new mattress that I didn’t even realize:

  • It is my squeaky like our old mattress, so Emmanuel (aka the Prince and the Pea)is not disturbed when I lay him down for bed.
  • I still had hip pain during this post partum period from being pregnant that I felt while sleeping, and it is basically gone with our new mattress!
  • I love my new bed… As if I needed encouragement to want to sleep!


    30 Day Shred – Week 2 update

    21 May

    I always used to see infomercials for miracle drugs and miracle drinks with the before and after pictures (“10 days later!”) and think, “whatever,” but I have found the miracle pill, and it is the 30 day shred!

    I still think a lot of the “get-thin-quick” advertising is balogne, but the results I’m getting make me want to call out “balogne!” when I see them, but it is me, so I know they are real.

    I haven’t been going on a deep spiritual weight loss journey, but I have been having a nagging realization that the small decisions and things we do really do make a difference in our lives. If someone had told me that I would look drastically different this quickly doing this work out, I would have done it way sooner. In fact, right when I decided to do the 30DS I was looking for the video on YouTube and found a video blog of one girl. She had pictures before, at 2 weeks, and after 30 days. It was pretty unbelievable but I decided to use it as a challenge and see if I could compare to her.

    I might have mentioned that I was only planning on doing the 30DS for 24 days since that was the amount of time I had before we left for the beach, but I am going to hopefully continue for those last 6 days at the beach, even if I can’t bring Jillian Michaels with me. I am quite eager to see the final results. I think my results so far are impressive, but maybe I am delusional. Am I making as exciting and amazing progress as I think I am?

    My progress is below: (“before” and now at 2 weeks in to it. Click here to see results after 1 week).


    The Boyscout motto

    19 May

    20130519-162505.jpgToday we went on a semi-last minute picnic and as a mother, I’m used to being pretty well prepared. I packed our sandwiches when we woke up, I brought water, milk, found some guacamole, chips, and crackers, and washed, cut, and packaged some strawberries. I brought sun block, extra clothes, made sure the kids were in summery clothes (we only have a few summer outfits for the kids right now), brought a big blanket plus several nursery blankets, sun hats, toys, extra shoes, cameras, hand sanitizer, headbands, hair ties, Chapstick, sunglasses for the whole family, a book, and umbrella to shade the brutal sun, and other standard items. I felt pretty proud of my mom self.

    As we pulled out of the driveway, I noticed it was quite a bit chillier than I was expecting, but it was sunny and as it was still early morning, I figured it would warm up.

    We went to church and when we finished at church and were ready for our picnic, it was cloudy and cooler than the morning was. And it was sprinkling.

    While I obviously never was a boyscout, I think we are becoming rather qualified mountain dwellers. It was in the 50s, windy, and cloudy by the time we started our picnic, but I had an emergency (very fuzzy) blanket in the secret cubby in the car. I had a North Face sweater and Hadassah’s winter coat that I threw in the car the other week because it snowed, and I happened to have a pair of pants for Hadassah that I stuffed in there the other day because I took her out without a diaper and had them in case of an accident. In addition there was a sleeper for Emmanuel plus a spare (now rather tiny) winter hat for Emmanuel in the diaper bag. It turned out to be a good picnic, because thankfully we had everything but the kitchen sink in the car and were rather prepared. Always be prepared, whether a boyscout, mountain dweller, or parent.


    30 Day Shred Check-in: Week 1

    15 May

    I have officially completed over a week of straight workouts of the 30 day shred. I started level 2 three days ago. It is more interesting and a lot more challenging, but I think in a few days I will get bored with hearing the same speech. However, I am going to stick with it.

    After one week, I lost 3 lbs and can see a very noticeable difference. I almost cannot even imagine what I will look like at the end of 30 days!

    For those that are curious, here is how big a difference a week can make! Before and “after” (current progress):


    30 day shred: day 2

    8 May

    Emmanuel has a really annoying habit that he has recently undertook: he donkey-kicks me in the back in the morning (I sleep with my back to him) to wake me up. I received these delightful little kicks this morning at about 5am, which was way earlier than I ever want to get up. I tried to play dead, in hopes that if I didn’t move, he would stop the kicking and go back to sleep.

    No such luck. He moved from kicking on to scratching my back… I don’t mean scratching my back like, “ah, that feels nice!” (Smiley face!)… I mean scratching like clawing me like our ferrel cat with razor sharp claws.

    I spent the next hour trying to feed him and lull him back to sleep. He would get drowsy then startle awake due to me trying to get comfortable, the alarm clock, or Fernando moving around. I finally decided to just hang out with him a little after 6am. I sat him up in bed and went in to zombie mode (in other words, awake but laying in bed, incapable of doing anything). Usually if Emmanuel wakes up early or has a hard time going to bed at night I know that I can try again in an hour and a half and be successful at getting him to sleep.

    All this time I kept thinking, “if I’m awake, I might as well go workout” but I was just too tired. Like I said, I was in zombie mode. I kept sending mental messages to Emmanuel begging him to let me sleep just a little bit more. Finally, a little after 6:30am, Emmanuel stopped squealing, spitting and babbling and began to have a glazed, calm look. I knew it was my window of opportunity. Before I knew it I was waking up (once again to a cooing baby) from a sweet nap. It was only about a 30 minute nap, but it was all I needed. It was still early and I snapped out of zombie mode. It was the prime time to work out! In addition Hadassah slept in super late till almost 8:00am!

    Needless to say, even though I got a rude awakening this morning, I had a much more successful and productive workout than yesterday.