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Toddler Smoothie

28 Apr

My poor pumpkin got a high fever on Friday. Last time Hadassah got a high fever (of 105.1 degrees) we had to be admitted to the hospital. When Hadassah’s fever read 103.2 I started getting nervous.

Hadassah is such a picky eater and with being sick, I knew she needed to stay hydrated. I prepared her a smoothie before going to bed and she downed the whole thing, so it made me feel better knowing she was cooling off and getting hydration and nutrition!

Several months ago I discovered Hadassah loves smoothies! I throw smoothies together frequently and change up the ingredients, but I thought I would post the most nutritionally packed recipe and it is still really yummy. I am able to get Hadassah to eat more fruits and veggies in one smoothie than I am able to raw in a year.

Toddler Smoothie

1/2 stalk of celery
2-3 peeled carrots (optional; use these with care and caution, and a really good blender! The smoothie might be a little chewable if you use them, but still good)
A GIANT fistful of baby spinach
2 strawberries (frozen makes it really good!)
1/4 – 1/2 of a very ripe banana
1/4 of red plum
2 cups of whole milk

Throw all ingredients in a blender. Blend on the smoothie setting until you can hear that all chunks of food are blended. Serve in a straw sippy cup!

I usually end up making a smoothie for myself because my mouth starts watering after I “taste test” Hadassah’s smoothie.

My most basic smoothie recipe just includes the banana, strawberry and spinach, because we almost always have banana and strawberries in our house. I have even thrown in cooked zucchini to a smoothie, but I’ve never thrown raw zucchini in so I cannot vouch for if it is good.

Here are my recipe tips:
Leave out blueberries… The skins are kind of weird (for Hadassah anyway) and the flavor is really strong

Don’t use blackberries, ever. The seeds are not pleasant to chew on.

I once made a smoothie in a food processor with spinach, banana, and pineapple. I’m not sure what the problem was (the ingredients or the appliance), but it tasted like vomit.

Enjoy making your own variations!


My Picky Eater, or Something Else?

19 Mar

I just sat down to eat my comida, or large mid-day meal.  I made some pasta with white sauce and chicken.  It is soooooo good, and it is SO easy to make.  I used this basic recipe for the base, but tweaked it a little bit.  I doubled the recipe for the thicker sauce recipe.  Then I decided it was too thick, so I added another cup (or two? I didn’t measure) or milk.  I also sautéed 4 giant garlic cloves in with the butter.  In a small frying pan I dumped in a bit of oil and threw in bite sized chicken pieces from one chicken breast.  I also salted and heavily peppered the chicken.  Once it was cooked, I threw it in with the white sauce.  I also cooked some veggie based pasta and then mixed the sauce with the pasta.  I think it took me more time to type this than to make my comida.

So, besides the fact that I like my food and it was easy to make, I am anticipating that Hadassah will love this too, and maybe actually eat like three whole pieces of pasta!  That would be a lot of food for her.  Last month or so I was really stressing about feeding Hadassah, because she is SO picky.  She really isn’t a good eater.  I blame a lot of her preferences on myself, as I was very paranoid about choking for a long time, and also excessively delayed solid food with her.  Oh well.  You live and you learn.  But, in the past week or so, I’ve been making her smoothies, and last month I started her on vitamins.  I will write a post tomorrow or in a few days with the recipe for a great toddler smoothie, since I’ve mentioned it to a few friends with toddlers and they all seemed pretty interested in it.  I think because I put in spinach… a TON of spinach!  Anyway, I kind of feel like I can breathe more easily since I don’t have to stress about her nutrition as much since she is getting lots of spinach in her smoothie and other vitamins in her gummy vitamin.

We are actually going to have a consultation with an occupational therapist on Thursday, which I am looking forward to.

I never would have thought to meet with an OT, but I had been talking to Hadassah’s physical therapist about how she isn’t good with a sippy cup, and that set things in motion.  Yesterday the OT called and we set up an appointment and chatted for a few minutes.  I never really thought Hadassah had a developmental problem that would require therapy, but after talking with the therapist, I am really eager to see what she says.  She mentioned how she is suspecting that Hadassah might have some jaw problems, which makes her seem to be a picky eater because eating is hard (and also makes sense why she loves her “moothies” so much).  Additionally, even though she has pretty good fine motor skills, she just hasn’t been getting how to use a fork, spoon, or and as mentioned above, a sippy cup.  We will see if she is just a normal picky eater, or if there is a strategy we can use to coax along some better eating skills!