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Reasons to Not Have a Home Birth

29 Nov

For my first pregnancy, I really wanted a home birth. However, after investigation the difference in price with my insurance company, I couldn’t justify spending almost $4,000 extra for a home or birth center birth, especially when I found my hospital midwife, who was covered. Plus, it would be my first birth, and that is a little bit scary.

After Hadassah’s birth and when I found out I was pregnant again, I didn’t give home birth much thought. I had a great delivery with her and was more than overjoyed with my wonderful midwife. However, Fernando got a new job and we had the task of switching insurance and deciding on plans etc. At this same time I found out that a friend in town was having a home birth that was only costing $1,600. I started thinking about home births again but once again my insurance won out. Plus, this time, I did have some worry in the back of my mind about this delivery going well since I had a tremendous amount of bleeding first trimester.

In the past few weeks I was reflecting on home birth and thinking how nice and less stressful it would be to just stay at home. No stress about waiting too long at home, going to the hospital too early, or possible delivery in the car. No stress about traffic or having horrible contractions in a bumpy car. No stress about having to wake Hadassah up in the middle of the night and transport her somewhere…

However, sitting in the hospital, I’m writing my case for why I think I should always prefer hospital births. Besides the typical argument of “What about in case of emergency?!”, I have two big reasons.

1. Cleanliness – I know in a home birth the midwives clean up after the birth. However, I cannot help but think about the difficulty in cleaning up blood, puke, and/or amniotic fluid. I mean, you can’t put those medical mats up on every square inch of your home, and how well do Resolve and carpet cleaning reallywork?

Maybe that’s not a good enough argument for some, especially for those who have had home births. So here is part b: Cleanliness AFTER birth. Not to be disgusting, but for a good 12 hours after birth you are getting blood everywhere in the bathroom. Yuck. And after that it is a bit easier to contain but some blood drips here and there still happen. And that is the end of my first point. Like I said, this is just for me. Living this right now, this is one deterring factor for a home birth.

2. Assurance of newborn safety – I am 100% for having baby room in. Currently it is 2am and I’m having some snuggle time with Emmanuel. However, being a newborn is dangerous and risky! Did you know they choke on amniotic fluid gunk for a few days and you have to have a bulb syringe ready to go? At some point in time, I need to get SOME rest (and I’m not being crazy selfish here. In the past 44 hours I’ve only slept 4 hours). I realized when I had Hadassah that I could send her to the nursery for 2-3 hours while I rested and she got cared for by a quality medical staff. I have the assurance she is safe and I can rest! If she were in the room with me, even if I tried to sleep I wouldn’t be able to. While I suppose I could hire a night nurse if I had a home birth, that would be another cost.

I still may opt for a home birth someday, but this is my argument for myself for not doing it.


Labor day!

27 Nov

I think I’m in labor. Must do a quick log.

Cleaned all day and finished up laundry. Made yummy chile and cornbread and finished everything 20 minutes before mom got here.

We ate immediately – around 4:00pm. About 20 minutes later I had a strong contraction and then started having contractions every 5 minutes – very intense. Just went to the bathroom and had some blood streaking so I am pretty sure I am in labor!

Fernando is at work and he doesn’t finish for another 2 hours, then he has a 30 minute drive. It is time.

3 Days to Due Date & Day 3 of Log

26 Nov

I feel this is quite a symmetrical post. It doesn’t seem like my due date is 3 days away. In fact, in my mind I have the sensation that my due date is more like 13 days away. 13 days is the maximum I could be pregnant. The baby really could come tonight. I’m actually anticipating Wednesday, since I will be 39 weeks and 6 days along, and that is when Hadassah came. The days are just passing at full speed ahead.

I did nothing of consequence today except cough and laundry. I washed all the bedding (got to get all our sick germs out!) and I love that clean feeling. If it were up to me I would wash our comforter at least once a week, but since we broke our washer doing that I have to space it out. But, the good news is, I can rest easy knowing that Fernando will sleep well at the hospital. I washed 2 extra comforters for us to take to the hospital for his bed. I am quite excited about that item going in our “hospital bag”.

The other major news of the day was back ache and major major indigestion. My stomach is burning and I only ate chicken noodle soup. Ugh.

Tomorrow my mom is coming and I can’t wait. I’m sure I’ll spend the day cleaning, making Chile, and I desperately need to run to the store for items I thought I had stocked up on (like coffee and cream!) but I discovered we are already running low. I also decided I must pick up another warm mist humidifier. Nights in Colorado are horrible on the innards, especially in the winter.

Thankfully, I was able to take a delicious 20 minute naps, and Hadassah took two naps today. However, she did have another extremely early morning.

Right now I am just enjoying feeling Emmanuel’s light and gentle movements. It is very calming. I forgot to mention 2 days ago that he was moving like a madman and I was getting horrible shooting pains in my back, down below, and even in to my leg. Right now I am feeling a normal amount of movement!

Log #2

25 Nov

Here I go again with a full account of my day. I hope baby boy gets here soon, because 2 weeks of a daily log might get boring for some (not me, but do I count?).

First, I want to point out that I am FOUR days from my due date. Tic-toc-tic-toc! I’m not sure what I will do if I go over my due date, but I promise I’ll have a good blog post in there.


I had an absolutely miserable morning (or night?). I woke up at around 3am. This, however, was not due to my typical once a week pregnancy insomnia. It started with my typical nightly pregnancy bladder relief and when I crawled back in to bed I realized I was rather cold, which is completely bizarre since I am sweating when the thermostat reads 66 degrees. I also felt like the fan was blowing cold dry air right in my face, which made things more uncomfortable. As the minutes ticked by, I started feeling a tightness in my chest. It is the kind of tightness you feel when you are coming down with a despot pry infection. I could not find any relief. Finally at about 4am, my chest was desperate for moisture, so I hopped in the shower and felt some relief. Afterwards, I made some tea, realized I was starving and ate some cereal, and spent some time reading. A bit before 6am, Fernando sleepily came out to the living room to see if I was ok. I was contemplating just staying up for the day, but I decided maybe I felt recovered enough to enjoy an early morning nap.

I laid down and immediately felt uncomfortable again, but my insides weren’t as dry as they were in the middle of the night, and I managed to drift in and out of sleep till 8am.

I readied Hadassah for church on my own since Fernando had already left to play the piano during the service. The morning passed quickly and I of course arrived late to church. However, I’d like to think it is more because I was allowing Hadassah to walk, which is good practice for her.

After church Fernando tool Hadassah home since I realized that this baby hasn’t came and I needed to pick up some ingredients to have a few possible meals this week (so much for hoping that my grocery shopping trip last week was my last before baby arrived).

Since I am/was feeling yucky, I had the bright idea to call my sister for her homemade chicken noodle soup recipe. I got the ingredients for that, Chile, and as long as we have some Tilapia fillets in the freezer, I think we will be set for the week as far as dinners go.

I got home, prepped the still semi-frozen chicken for boiling, and spent much of the afternoon preparing our lunch. My homemade noodles turned out looking like steak fries, because when I was cutting them from the dough my pregnancy brain was thinking they would shrink while cooking, but they expanded. Silly me. However, the soup still turned out edible.

After a 3pm lunch and cleaning up, Fernando stuck Hadassah straight in the bathroom. She had chicken broth all over her. After that, I confess I turned on Baby Einstein and took a snooze on the couch. Remember, not only did I not sleep well but I possibly am coming down with a cough so I don’t feel 100% well.

After my nap, I tried to get Hadassah to eat and drink some more since she has been borderline dehydrated since yesterday. I just finished putting her to bed, and that is my day.

Tonight I’m going to read and relax, crank up our warm mist humidifier, and definitely take a Tylenol PM.

A Simple Log

24 Nov

Ok, here is a boring update, just because I want to remember what I was doing right before I went in to labor, and who knows when that will be.

First, my due date is 5 days away. I did not really expect to go early. I figured I would go in to labor right at 40 weeks basically, because that is what happened with Hadassah. However, the stupid cervical checks made me think I would go in to labor early! All I can say is that I am definitely not getting a cervical check until 39 weeks next time and I might even possibly just wait till 40 weeks. I think I’d be a much happier camper doing that.

So, my little log:

I woke up bright and early at about 6am. I was worried because I had asked Fernando to take a gallon of milk out of the freezer to thaw out last night and I was doubting he did it. So I woke him up and asked him about it. Yes, a bit silly, but I couldn’t get back to sleep after that.

Hadassah woke up a bit before 7am. I decided to take a bath, because who knows when my last bath before labor will be, right?

After that, we took quite a long time breakfasting. Fernando made me some quesadillas quickly because my blood sugar was low. Then I leisurely went on to make some Mexican style hot chocolate and some steel cut oats. At the tail end of breakfast we called Fernando’s family by Skype. Afterwards we tried to get Hadassah to eat and drink as much as possible to little avail. I noticed that she was getting dehydrated. Then we put her to bed.

I spent about an hour reading on my (new!) Nook Simple Touch. I read 1 chapter in the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, which is actually an entire short story. I also read almost a whole chapter of Little Women. I know it doesn’t even sound like an accomplishment, but it was a lot for me.

A bit after noon Fernando and I both started getting pretty hungry, so I whipped up some angel hair pasta with white sauce and crab. It was pretty yummy. Hadassah woke up right when I finished preparing the food.

For the rest of the afternoon, we cleaned, picked up, and set up the Christmas tree. Even though Hadassah couldn’t help much, it was fun to participate as a family with her toddling around and picking up evergreen pieces and placing them at another place in the room (she loved stacking them on the piano bench!). While we were decorating it was so hot inside our house. It didn’t really feel wintery. In fact, I stripped Hadassah down to her diaper.

The rest of the afternoon we just played around and hung out and then got Hadassah ready for bed.

Once Hadassah was in bed, I got out the Christmas presents and wrapped 2/3 of them, and I just paused right now. My back was killing me sitting on the floor like that. But anyway, I can’t even say how excited that I am that the tree I up, lit, and has some presents under it. I really feel like Emmanuel can come now!

That was my day pretty much, and I’ll probably just read a bit before bed and hopefully convince Fernando to give me a massage.

39 week update

21 Nov

Today was my 39 week appointment.  After I posted last night, not only did I continue to feel “off,” but I started having timeable contractions.  They were not horrible, but it made me nervous knowing that I was already at 4cm with zero effort.  I figured if I was feeling something, I could possibly go in to labor quickly, or at the very least dilate even more, making me super nervous to even walk around for fear that baby would just fall out of me!

However, I suppose the “good” news is that when I went to my appointment today, I had no change in my cervix since last week.  My goal is not to have this baby early, but I was entertaining the idea of having him over Thanksgiving break just so Fernando could not worry about taking days off.  I also wouldn’t mind going past my due date, except for the fact I really would prefer to not have another December birthday in our family (there are 5 in our immediate family), plus all the Christmas festivities make December quite busy anyway.  Even with my patience, I couldn’t help feeling slightly disappointed with my appointment today.  Last night I went to bed (with great difficulty because I felt really accelerated) expecting to have to go in to the hospital in the middle of the night.  I thought that if I didn’t go in to labor last night, that surely it would be around the corner and we wouldn’t be able to continue with our Thanksgiving plans.  However, now that I heard I’ve been sitting at 4 cm for at least a week, I think I will sleep better tonight.  I was having anxiety thinking about what I would do with my Thanksgiving food I prepared if I went in to labor tonight.  I doubt I will and am also happy I will be able to relax and just enjoy Thanksgiving.

Here’s hoping I make it just fine to Turkey Day!

A Different Day

20 Nov

Well today I hit the wall. I was feeling fine up until the middle of the night last night. Yesterday I was on my feet a lot and was the normal “pregnancy tired,” and my back hurt as much as you would expect it to, but today I have just felt plain yucky. It is amazing what difference one day can make.

Maybe tomorrow I will wake up and feel like a normal pregnant person. Maybe today is just an off day. But when I was pregnant with Hadassah I remember a very distinct switch in my attitude and my body at about 38 weeks, and I had her 13 days later (give or take). So maybe this is the day that I am turning over a new leaf – a type of transition. Maybe I will turn in to that miserable-end-of-pregnancy woman after all.

All I know is that last night I had Braxton Hicks contractions that woke me up the first half of the night, and in between contractions my back hurt a lot. When I woke up this morning my back and my stomach were both quite sore. Today all day my back has hurt in spite of an absence of contractions. I also feel I am walking around with the baby super low. I would almost describe it as a feeling that this little guy might just fall out! I’ve been through labor and delivery before and I know it is a lot of work, but I can’t help feel like this baby might slip out without me knowing. Here’s to a better day tomorrow. The husband is off work, so it should definitely be good!

High on my priority list for tomorrow? Go get supplies for my DIY placenta encapsulation. I’m sure that will be a great blog post when I do it! Stay tuned.