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SuperJuiceMe! 28 Day Challenge – Day 1 (Pre-juice)

5 May

About a week ago, a friend posted a link on Facebook for a free documentary called SuperJuiceMe! by Jason Vale. I thought that it sounded like an interesting documentary; it was the opposite of Supersize Me. A handful of people are chosen to go to a resort and live off nothing but fresh juices and then their health is evaluated at the end of that time period. The weight-loss was staggering, but I have seen people lose weight before. The increase in overall health was also quite amazing. Many were able to decrease medication or felt better than they did with medication. However, dropping pounds and getting off medication is not what impressed me. My jaw dropped when I saw their initial pallor change to glowing skin and shiny hair. This was such a strong image of health on the cellular level.

My husband and I threw around the idea of juicing. We mentioned it would be cool to start eating some more raw foods and making small changes to increase overall health. I have been on a mission for the past year to eat cleaner. Due to some health issues I started eating a gluten free diet a month ago. To help make the adjustment to gluten free (I love carbohydrates!) I found solace in smoothies this past month. Because of this, I feel like now is a great (and easier!) time for me to do a juicing challenge.

Yesterday morning, hubby mentioned how in a month he wanted to go all in and do the juicing program and exercise. I wasn’t 100% sure, but if he was, I would be 100% in as a support. Later in the afternoon we went out to do some shopping. We passed the appliance section and I figured we could check to see if the store had juicers. 20 minutes later we walked out of the store with a juicer and started formulating our plan!

To shorten the narrative, we decided to start immediately and we went shopping (again) for the supplies needed for week 1 of the plan.

We will be making some modifications to the strict plan. First, we won’t be doing 30 minutes of high intensity exercise twice each day. We plan on exercising, but since we are not obese, we are going to take it easy! I am not doing this plan to lose weight. I am doing this plan to see what living off living food does on a cellular level.

I lift my green juice to you. Cheers! Salud!


14 Months Post Partum

2 Feb

Phew!  It has been a long time since I have posted anything.  Even on my other blog that I started about getting back to the grass roots of life, I have not posted in months.

I have been trying whole life pathways here and there, but I have not had any time to post anything.  I have been kept extremely busy with my new business of owning a school.  It has been a great experience, but it has left me exactly 0-amount of time for much else.

A bit of an update:

  • Emmanuel started sleeping through the night just AFTER his one year birthday.  I wonder how I functioned at all getting up in the middle of the night and not sleeping well for over a year.
  • I started cycling just before Emmanuel’s one year birthday, and we are still breast feeding.  I feel amazing, empowered, and complete/fulfilled that I am still breast feeding.  I just told my hubby this morning that I think I would feel depressed and incomplete if I were not breast feeding or pregnant.  Biology can be so annoying sometimes.
  • A few months ago, I was absolutely terrified of the potential of becoming pregnant.  Since I’ve started cycling, I have this weird, illogical desire to jump on the pregnancy bandwagon…
  • Since I’ve started cycling, I feel angry and MEAN and impatient!  ARGHHHH!  (Imagine a pirate accent, perhaps?)  Another biological indicator that I am designed to bear children, and not cruise through life.  Once again, biology can be soooo annoying.
  • I am so amazed at my opportunity to own a school and I am honored to participate in the education of children in my town.  While I’m excited to see what is in store and have plans to expand the grade levels, a part of me feels sad because I want to walk alongside expecting mothers and support them in labor as a doula.  I guess even if I did not have my business, it would probably be tricky to attend women in labor while I myself have two toddlers, so I guess that passion will be fulfilled at a later stage in life.
  • Every day I am feeling an increased passion for babies in the womb, women, and victims of sex trafficking.  I can’t wait to see where that leads!
  • I found a great recipe for sandwich bread made in a bread machine and am feeling pretty content.  It’s the little things!
  • As far as my adventure to whole life, I am feeling an incredible ITCH to learn how to do more things on my own.  Last week I was watching a video about harvesting wheat.  It seems so simple.  I seriously do not understand why I did not learn these things in school.  I have so much to say about this subject, but I probably should save it for my other blog.
  • Speaking of sustainability, I have a wild, but serious, notion that I am going to build my own earthen home, whether it is from Cob or straw bales or tire bales…I know this is a quick mention, but I became obsessed with living simply in the past week or so.  Once again, this probably belongs on my other blog, but I just wanted to get people thinking about freeing themselves from mortgage using non-traditional means.  This might lead to yet another blog someday soon…
  • There are two things people continuously search out about my blog: one is my fitness results, and the other is my hypnobirthing script.  I have two goals for this year:  Whip my butt in to shape with the 30 day shred (again) and hopefully provide even more inspiration, and write more hypnobirthing scripts.  Perhaps I can even post a ready-made (recorded) script with background music and everything.  I won’t pretend to have a great narrating voice, though!
  • I almost really-really-really-really want to get pregnant.  I wish I could just DO it, but I have this voice inside of me saying I need to “wait” and “be sane” and blah-blah-blah.  I actually have thought about how I would love to meet with a family-planning counselor, but I don’t know if those exist.  Should pregnancy just happen whenever, or should I take some control and make plans?  I can’t figure out what is best….

That is my disjointed update on my life, health, and dreams.  I have another post coming that intertwines with my increasing passion of babies in the womb, sex trafficking, and other similar things.  Hopefully it will manifest in the next few days.

30 Day Shred Final results – Guy version

9 Aug

So I started blogging my husband’s journey with the 30 day shred and did not keep it updated. Last Monday, 5 weeks had gone by and he had lost a total of 15 lbs and his before and after pictures are amazing! He won’t let me share them but he looks phenomenal!

After the official 30 days were up he had lost 11 lbs and I just realized we didn’t take measurements of his body for after, so we will have to do that today.

Besides my hubby looking great, he feels wonderful and seems more energetic, and although it used to only wake me once a night or so, hubby has completely stopped snoring since losing all this weight!

In my weightless/health news, I am down a total of 8 lbs since May, but sadly I haven’t been working out. However, I am feeling super inspired and want to get active again ASAP.

That is our health update!

Busy life

24 Jul

Aghhhh life is so/too busy!

I’m working. I now own a language school, which is awesome, but I did not imagine spending my summer working every spare second. I’m marketing, recruiting, interviewing, training, schmoozing, shopping (business stuff), and organizing like crazy. This is challenging when I am still holding my full time(+!) position of stay at home mom.

I’m menu planning. We just used our last freezer meal the other week. These were the freezer meals I made way back in October, I think. I had made 9 or 11 meals and I only used them in emergencies. In addition, if I ever made a big batch of something (that was more than we could eat for 2 days) I would freeze the extra for a quick meal. That lasted me about 9 months! Now, I’m planning on stocking my freezer in a similar but better manner! All of the website I’ve seen about freezer cooking claim making 12 meals (for example), but the cook tripled each recipe…

Part of my cooking woes are that I have a picky pallet. I like yummy and varied recipes that fill me up, are healthy, and are cheap. Is that too much to ask?!? Apparently it is, as it takes me days to menu plan.

With all of that said, I plan on doing some freezer meals in September, and, yes, I have already begun planning!

Lastly, I’m having insomnia and sleeping poorly. Little pumpkin Emmanuel has been starting out the night in his crib lately (instead of our bed, since he started crawling), and once we are ready to crawl in bed I cannot fall asleep due to the fact that Emmanuel is not in bed with us! I am addicted to having him in bed with me. Not only am I a sleep aid for him, but he is a sleep aid for me! (Insert here an audio of a scream of horror of the revelation).

I am thinking that there is a scientific explanation of this dependency. Since relaxing hormones are released during breast feeding, and Emmanuel is latched on literally all night long, I think my body has developed a dependency on this release of hormones to sleep. Crazy! I hate sleeping with Emmanuel because he is totally in my space, but I can’t sleep at all if he isn’t in bed.

So on that sleep deprived note I leave you…

30 Day Shred Check in – week one (Guy Version!)

8 Jul

Fernando’s before and after photos today after one week were pretty impressive! I haven’t asked if I can post them, so if I do get permission, the photo(s) will be posted tomorrow. Click here to see my results after one week of doing the 30 DS.

I can say that he lost a whopping four pounds in one week! This is from doing the TWENTY minute 30 Day Shred workout each day and he has been counting calories. Is it just me, or do guys lose weight a lot easier than girls do???

No matter.

I kind of would like to redo the 30DS as well, since I did not do it a full 30 days, but I don’t know if it is worth blogging. I have hopped in on the workout two times in one week, but my priority this month is taking care of the kids so Fernando can meet his fitness goal.

Hopefully I will be able to post his inspiring photo tomorrow!

30 Day Shred Part 2.2.1

7 Jul

My other half decided to begin working out and counting calories 6 days ago. He was inspired to do Jillian Michaels’ workout specifically after seeing my results, but he was already planning on getting in to shape. Tomorrow will be the first week’s check in, with a photo comparison and a weigh in. We also measured his belly (I’m not sure what else guys should measure…). We won’t take measurements again for a month though.

I am really excited to see him committed to getting healthy (again). During my pregnancy with Emmanuel he actually dropped like 25 lbs just by watching his diet, and he was looking quite slim (check out how handsome he looks on the birth video here). However, crazily enough, he has gained back about 15lbs since Emmanuel was born.

Yesterday I planned out our menu for the next week and a half or so of foods. My goal when cooking and shopping is always:


Unfortunately I have been sacrificing healthy stuff in the past few months. I have been planning more pasta meals because they are filling and cheap. I have been making rice as a side (I don’t think I ever made rice until I moved to Mexico, and I think I can count on my hands the number of times I have made it).

A huge ingredient on my shopping list is shirataki “noodles”. I’ve never had them before but read about them yesterday when I was looking for a pasta substitute/alternative. I hear they are expensive, and I’m not sure if I can find them, but they sound really healthy. They aren’t just “healthy” like low calories, they sound healthy like lower cancer etc.

Tomorrow I will post the weight lost, but probably won’t get the OK for a picture comparison. Either way, I’m sure it will be exciting.

30 Day Shred “results”

4 Jun

It is a little late coming, but I can finally post the measurements I took last week. I only worked out 3 weeks straight, and I missed 3 days total I think… So this is after 18 work outs. The numbers are total inches lost:

Waist: -3/4″
Hips: -1.5″
Belly: -2″
Thigh: -1″

This was the first time I have ever taken measurements for my body. It looks pretty good to me, but I’m not sure. I’m in Mexico now and enjoying all the delicious food, so I think I will have to redo the 30DS in July!