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Would you rather…?

25 Jan

Yesterday I took the two kiddos out and used the double stroller for the second time ever. Suffice it to say, I got in a major battle with the stroller, who kicked me pretty hard in the shin.

All last night it was throbbing and hurting. I climbed in to bed several times to feed Emmanuel with an extra sting of pain as I folded my leg to sit down. All I could think of all night long was how I’d much rather go through labor and delivery than suffer from my kicked in shin. I wonder how many ladies would agree or disagree with me. Since having two kids without pain medicine and labor and delivery being advertised constantly as ALWAYS horrible and terrifying (disclaimer: I am a firm believer that every labor is different and some indeed are more difficult than others), I have formed a habit of deciding if I’d rather experience X-pain or labor.

For example:

1. Kicked in shin or labor? Labor.
2. Knee surgery or labor? Labor again.
3. Sinus surgery or labor? Yep, labor once again.
4. Whacked elbow on refrigerator door or labor? Yesterday was not my day. I don’t know how I did it but I majorly whacked my elbow on the refrigerator door. I say I don’t know how I did it, but I think the fact that it was somewhere around 2am had something to do with it. Anyway, it hurt like crazy for about 2 minutes then it was fine. So, I’d have to say I’d vote for whacked elbow here.
5. Bite my cheek or labor? Tie. As long as it is a pretty good bite that gets so swollen you keep biting it for days.
6. Migraine or labor? I don’t count this, since I had to suffer several migraines during pregnancy to get to the labor.
7. Pregnancy or labor? Hands down, labor!
8. Break a bone or labor? Laaabor!
9. Get a piercing or labor? Well, everything I have pierced wasn’t bad, so I choose piercing. But if I had to choose between some piercings I don’t have (like tongue) and labor, I’d choose labor!

So, I’ve noticed a trend. In many cases of categorized “unpleasant” things, I would choose labor.

The above things have all happened to me. If you’d like to throw a suggestion at me to answer which I would rather do, let me know, but I can only answer it if it has happened to me.


Pregnancy Memories

24 Jan

This is the text that I was talking about yesterday. I wrote this when I was 37 weeks pregnant back in November:

1. how much weight have you gained? – I think I am at 31 lbs according to the dr scale, but not quite that much at home in the morning before eating an without clothes and shoes!

2. what is your fondest prego memory? – I was so excited to feel baby flip at 9 weeks. I didn’t feel my first until 19 weeks!

3. your most ridiculous moment? – This actually happened 3-4 times… The first time really freaked me and my hubby out. We were watching a funny movie and I was laughing and all of a sudden I started crying uncontrollably! Like I said, it happened several other times after!

4. what will you miss? – I will miss feeling baby move and easily taking baby with me EVERYWHERE 24/7

5. Not miss? – getting out of bed as a pregnant person! It is so hard! That and the extreme pain I get when my bladder is full in the middle of the night.

6. What are you most looking forward to when baby gets here (in rfegards to your baby) – snuggling and breast feeding baby.

7. and…
for yourself? – I’d like to get my hair done.

8. What will you do to finalize the “Ah, I am not pregnant anymore” feeling? – get a normal drink from Starbucks, drink a nice glass of wine.

Baby Wishes

23 Jan

So, I can’t really fill you in on the past two weeks, because:

  1. I don’t have time
  2. It’s a big bluuuur.

My brain is mushy.  Yep, that is a pretty good update.  Lack of sleep, incoherent blubbering, and I have about as much time as a chicken running around with their head cut off.

However, this evening, I somehow got both babies to sleep magically by 6:40pm without any tears from either baby!… Well, kind of.  Emmanuel woke up a bit after 7pm but I had him sleeping again very quickly.

I was on Pinterest and it made me think of something I wrote when I was pregnant about pregnant stuff, and I would like to copy and paste it here.  It is currently on my phone and I will paste it in another post.  I actually wanted to spend some brain power writing some new things, which is actually from something I saw on pinterest.  They are wishes you have for your baby, and you fill in the blank.  So here it goes!

Dear Baby,

  1. I hope you grow up to be a true man.  Emotionally strong and a supportive husband.
  2. I hope you aren’t afraid to do scary things.  I know I impose a lot of fear because I am afraid of everything.  I hope you can relax somewhat and do a normal amount of risky things.  Like gymnastics or surfing. 
  3. I hope you love God above all else.  I also hope you love to be with your family more than anyone else (until you get married, of course).
  4. I hope you get good grades?  Just kidding.  I hope you get a good girl.  I guess this goes above hoping.  I know you will get a good girl, because you will be a great guy 🙂
  5. I hope you laugh at yourself in middle school.  I think it is a good sign you are secure in who you are if it doesn’t bother you if you trip over your own feet.  I also hope you laugh as much as your daddy does!  
  6. I hope you never forget how much we love you!!!!  And that you are our precious first born son.  You are so special.
  7. I hope you ignore the things of the world.  I hope and pray you have enough wisdom to see through the evil plans of the world and ignore Hollywood and the Media and people who follow those things and are deceived.
  8. I hope you become a man after God’s own heart, like your namesake, David (minus his poor decisions – I hope you learn from those!)
  9. I hope you respect women!  Treat every girl as your sister and every woman as your mother.
  10. I hope you grow in the knowledge of the Word of God and apply it to your life!

I love you sweet baby Emmanuel!


Another Year

14 Jan

Today marked another birthday for me. I decided I value writing down my thoughts and feelings that I have for certain days of the year, as they act like a time capsule or memory album.

My birthdays have always been quite distinct. I remember an under-the-sea themed party I had when I was little… I remember thinking even in my little mind how ironic it was to have such a tropical theme when it was freezing cold outside. I remember having a surprise party another year. I remember when my sister gave me makeup and a copy of Teen People to mark my entrance to being a teenager. I remember forgetting it was my birthday one year until after I got to school. I remember years being too stressed to celebrate my birthday. I remember my first birthday celebration as a married girl… A bunch of friends (without cars) ventured to Fernando and my apartment and we cooked dinner, drank wine, and hung out for so long… And it was a Monday night. Yeah, that is very unlike me to party (aka do anything besides sit at home and work) on a Monday! That birthday was pretty special because it was the first time in a long time I had really enjoyed my birthday, and spent time “smelling the roses”.

After that birthday, my 23rd, I slowly joined in with “official women” in feeling depressed about my birthdays! Seriously, 25 and feeling depressed? (Okay, I remember, I couldn’t get past the fact it is a quarter of a century).

Today was the first birthday in awhile that I really drank in and celebrated. Sure, two years ago I enjoyed going to a swanky fondue restaurant with Fernando (and I think I was halfway celebrating the fact I could eat food without gagging finally, since I was about 18 weeks pregnant with Hadassah), but I wasn’t celebrating my life (last year doesn’t count either, since I was super sick). This year, I have the freshness of a new and precious person in my life. I spent the day with my endearing, funny, and naturally coquettish daughter (who can resist that?!).

I had to go get an ultrasound this morning to check on my gall bladder, which made me chuckle of the irony how I had a procedure like that scheduled on the day I am officially older, but I was so blessed to have someone offer to come to our house before 7am to watch Hadassah and Emmanuel. That simple but enormous act of selflessness poised my attitude for the entire day and gave me a posture of delight and thankfulness. I was so thankful for all the blessings I have received. I became incredibly aware of the value of my children, my husband, and my friends and family – not just in today, but throughout my entire life. I am so overjoyed that people out there are celebrating life, and my life, with me.

Tonight, I celebrated my life with the three most important people: my children and my husband. It was so fun to have a family “date”. It was our first official family date with Emmanuel, and I think the first time we had been out to eat with Hadassah since July. I had a great time and ended my day even more full of blessings than before. Cheers to getting older, and continued celebration of life!


Sleep time: Round 2 (baby 2)

3 Jan

As I laid Hadassah down for her nap, I wondered how we arrived at this point. I developed a very strict routine of reading several books, praying, and singing three songs and sometimes a few minutes of snuggling, rocking, and kisses any time she goes to bed.

I laid her down today, her body nice and relaxed, her eyes open but sleepily vacant, but with a sudden vibrant interjection of, “hi! Hi! Hi!” I smiled at her silly gesture, blew her a kiss and left her room, confident she would go to sleep peacefully.

Sleepy time is so easy. I think I will ALWAYS remember Hadassah to be a good sleeper. But on the other hand I knew we have gone through more than one time period of fighting sleep with bloodshot eyes. Which is why I ask myself, “how did we get here?” I am me. Sure I have tweaked things as a parent here and there, but why did we go through months of great sleeping followed by months or weeks of exasperation?

I chuckle because I know sometimes people would label me as an amazing parent (“Wow! Your baby sleeps all through the night!”) and many other times I would be labeled as a bad parent (“Ugh. Poor thing. Your baby wakes up every hour?”).

Right now Emmanuel isn’t the greatest sleeper. His first few weeks were filled with lots of tummy pain and reflux, and therefore minimum amount of sleep. Then he slept more but only if in our bed. We are making the transition to him sleeping in his crib. I will say that it has been very successful in my eyes, but slow. Sometimes I want to look at others and compare our progress, but I quickly chide myself and tell myself to be happy with what we are doing. I know that following mommy instinct with flexibility and an open mind is incredibly important with newborn babies.

New Year’s Day

1 Jan

I’m going to be frank. I think celebrating on December 31st is pretty stupid. We aren’t remembering a significant historical event and tradition, we aren’t celebrating a hero, we aren’t celebrating the savior of the world, we are celebrating the transition to another day.

What’s the big deal about making it to January 1st? If we get that excited and celebratory about making it to another day, shouldn’t we get that excited about making it to every day? It’s much more impacting to view each day as a gift and to start EACH day over. Why must we wait till January 1st to change our lives? What if someone decides in October he wants to lose some weight? If he waits till the NewYear, his bad habits have only been reinforced even moreso for an extra 9 or more weeks.

I also find it interesting that, at least according to the tv, the whole world seems to celebrate the new year (except the Chinese? I think they have a different date?). Why is the whole world so enthralled with this?

I’ve decided that next year I am going to make New Year’s Eve a more meaningful celebration. Don’t get me wrong, I love celebrating. I take every opportunity to celebrate that I can. For example, Mexican independence day is quite a fun celebration, and I’m not Mexican. But just an empty celebration of staying up to greet the following day and vowing to follow through on resolutions 99% of the population won’t keep just seems silly. It always made me feel like a hypocrite and a failure. Next year I will celebrate differently. I will celebrate once again the arrival of Christ. “it’s been two thousand and some years since Christ arrived to our world and changed the way we did our dates!” I know that Jesus was actually born around 3 B.C., but the reason we are in 2013 and not five thousand something is because Jesus rocked our world. That sounds like something worth celebrating. And it gives me some great satisfaction knowing most of the world is celebrating that, atheist, Jew, and Christian alike.