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Happy Memorial Day

27 May

Today is a holiday celebrated by grilling out, camping, boating, and retail sales. It seems strange to have a day off work for the purpose of remembering, and I honestly do not know if it is because people are supposed to visit cemeteries when they are remembering or not, but I view Memorial Day as a cheery but somber holiday.

I’ve heard “Happy Memorial Day” many times this weekend and it seems a little out of place since this is a morbid holiday, until you think about it a little bit more.

If the USA had not had people who sacrificed their lives, we citizens would not be enjoying the same freedoms. It reminds me of Good Friday – we celebrate someone who was innocently killed by crucifixion, but it is a WONDERFUL day! By His death we were made free.

Therefore, I am okay with being happy on Memorial Day and with others being happy on this day as evidence of our appreciation of freedom which can only come through others’ sacrifice.

For that reason I say Happy Memorial Day.