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Sunset description

17 Apr

Flames ignite the sky. They slowly descend, and float – ethereal. They move like a large amoeba and begin to lap the mountain tops.

The flames are a person drawing nearer and bearing down. A powerful and peaceful presence. In the distance the clouds are heavy and three dimensional – they are a solid body extending massively.

Behind the peaks a brilliant orange light pierces through, like a hand clearing away the flaming clouds. The sun lowers and the peaks sleepily darken.

The blanket of clouds turn midnight blue and are lined by an orange cuff, happily taking leave. A misty dark blue begins to settle over the entire scene and soon waxes into a dreamy, nebulous painted landscape.

Neither my words, nor a picture accurately capture the true magnificence of the departure of the sun.

April 17, 2012


To schedule, or not to schedule?

1 Apr

It is 6:49pm.  Hadassah is fast asleep.  Her bedtime has fallen usually between 6pm and 9:30pm.  She is most frequently asleep by 7:15.  So, Hadassah is in bed early tonight.  Hadassah is in bed early tonight?  I am now making this a question, because I really don’t know.  Technically, she is at the tail end of a nap.  Yes, a nap that is creeping dangerously close to her normal bedtime.  This is one of the few times in my motherhood that I am really debating if I should let her sleep or wake her.  A main motivation for waking her is that I know her diaper has to be very wet.  However, my go-with-the-flow mommy instincts tell me to relax and just let her sleep.

Here in our household we do adhere to a few different schedules with Hadassah.  It looks like this:

Awake around 7ish, play in crib till 7:30ish or 8ish.
Morning nap – 1-2 hours
Eat some more
Afternoon nap 1-2 hours
Eat some more

Today, her schedule looked like this:
Awake and out of bed at 7:15
Catnap in the moby
Catnap in the car
Catnap in the car #2
Catnap in the car #3, which turned in to a full evening nap

We are flexible, and I was pretty against schedules for babies up until a few months ago.  Even so, the schedules we have for Hadassah are based upon what she likes to do, and in the end what makes her feel happiest and most refreshed.

I’ve heard of different baby parenting methods like Babywise, and Cry it out.  I honestly have no idea what any baby books say.  I still have not read even one book about how to work with a baby.  Why consult an FAQ when there aren’t any questions?  I know that Hadassah is an extremely unique baby, and I will probably be running to those advice books for our next baby that comes, but I cannot blog anything except what is true and what I think right now in my life.  So, Hadassah is pretty much a dream baby, and we can go back to the age-old debate of is it nature, or is it nurture?  We will carry out our science experiment a little bit further when we have specimen – er, I mean baby – #2.

My biggest general baby advice for any mom who would ask me, is to first follow their instinct.  If they have trouble doing that or have tried and feel like it isn’t “working,” then consult the so-called book “experts.”

We shall see what the evening holds.

I know I’m pregnant because…

1 Apr

My hips already hurt.

I am beyond tired, even though I am not working, have gotten a full night’s rest, and have been getting naps.

I am extremely thirsty.

I’ve had to get out of bed twice to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night.

And I have almost cried 20 times in the past 24 hours, literally over things that people do NOT cry about (for example, people dancing…)