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9 and 10 weeks pregnant

22 Sep

I skipped a week of updating about the pregnancy, and even with this week I am a little bit late updating. The reason for the tardiness is due to the fact that I was so incredibly sick with nausea. While I don’t vomit while pregnant, the nausea is debilitating. The worst day that I had was the day I was waiting for the anti-nausea medicine to get called in to the pharmacy. Even after I picked up the medicine and took the first dose, I spent the entire day in bed and went to bed for the night at 6pm or something crazy like that. Even with the anti-nausea medicine that week, I was pretty miserable. The medicine took the edge off and I was able to do some things, but I was anything but well. Week 8 can be summarized by nausea, nausea, and more nausea.

The following week I switched to a different medicine, and I felt quite a bit better, although I am not sure if I can contribute that to the medicine or just that fact that I was in a different week of pregnancy. Last week I was pretty functional and accomplished a lot more things. My nausea is the worst from about 3pm until bedtime, and was very bad in the mornings until about noon. The past few days my morning nausea has improved greatly, almost to the point of feeling normal in the mornings. And last night was the first time I felt decent in the evening. I think I see the light at the end of this nausea tunnel!

To summarize, my nausea was the worst from 7 days 6 days pregnant until 9 weeks 6 days pregnant. Two weeks of absolute misery, and several more weeks of manageable nausea. I suppose I might not be climbing out of the pit and this is all a cruel joke of hormones, but I am hoping that the worst is finally behind me!

My picture is a comparison of a few weeks ago with this weekend at 10 weeks along. I think I finally have entered that fat looking stage and am looking forward to looking pregnant and not thick.



8 weeks pregnant!

7 Sep

Here I am, two lunar months pregnant. It feels great to be eight weeks along! My next prenatal appointment feels like it is just around the corner, and I feel like if I know my little pumpkin is still okay at that appointment, we will have made it through the toughest times.

In spite of my happiness, I was miserable last week. I spent half the week recovering from my nasty cold, and my nausea has become a lot more intense. It is strange, because I feel like my nausea was stronger with my other two babies’ pregnancies, but this nausea feels WORSE. Or maybe it just seems more difficult because I am exhausted, running a business, and taking care of my two little ones. I am getting really exasperated with the whole food issue, as in, WHY does my family have to eat when I feel so miserable?!? And I cannot describe how frustrating it is that I can smell absolutely EVERYTHING and it all smells BAD. I think my hubby realized how sensitive my nose really is when my daughter pooped and I was on the other side of the house and I called over, “She pooped, didn’t she?” he confirmed and was amazed when I told him I could smell it. I am also frustrated by this sick feeling because I cannot do anything. It is quite debilitating. So much so that I plan on calling for a prescription tomorrow for some anti nausea medicine.

The BEST news happened at the end of the week: I have SHINGLES! Yes, my friends, I had a wild and fun week. Luckily, my shingles rash is not bothering me a lot. I’m on day 3 of the rash, and it goes from slightly itchy (I refuse to itch it though – I don’t want to make it worse!), to a mild burning sensation, to a numb feeling, to pins and needles. I know that most people who get shingles are absolutely miserable, and I am SO thankful that it is more than manageable. I only fear that it WILL get worse in the next few weeks and I won’t be able to do anything about it. However, at the moment, I am happy that I can skip ingesting antiviral medications.

From my incredible memory, I think week 8-10 is the worst for pregnancy nausea, so it looks like I am just getting started on this fun ride. I hope this next week is a little less eventful.