Another Year

14 Jan

Today marked another birthday for me. I decided I value writing down my thoughts and feelings that I have for certain days of the year, as they act like a time capsule or memory album.

My birthdays have always been quite distinct. I remember an under-the-sea themed party I had when I was little… I remember thinking even in my little mind how ironic it was to have such a tropical theme when it was freezing cold outside. I remember having a surprise party another year. I remember when my sister gave me makeup and a copy of Teen People to mark my entrance to being a teenager. I remember forgetting it was my birthday one year until after I got to school. I remember years being too stressed to celebrate my birthday. I remember my first birthday celebration as a married girl… A bunch of friends (without cars) ventured to Fernando and my apartment and we cooked dinner, drank wine, and hung out for so long… And it was a Monday night. Yeah, that is very unlike me to party (aka do anything besides sit at home and work) on a Monday! That birthday was pretty special because it was the first time in a long time I had really enjoyed my birthday, and spent time “smelling the roses”.

After that birthday, my 23rd, I slowly joined in with “official women” in feeling depressed about my birthdays! Seriously, 25 and feeling depressed? (Okay, I remember, I couldn’t get past the fact it is a quarter of a century).

Today was the first birthday in awhile that I really drank in and celebrated. Sure, two years ago I enjoyed going to a swanky fondue restaurant with Fernando (and I think I was halfway celebrating the fact I could eat food without gagging finally, since I was about 18 weeks pregnant with Hadassah), but I wasn’t celebrating my life (last year doesn’t count either, since I was super sick). This year, I have the freshness of a new and precious person in my life. I spent the day with my endearing, funny, and naturally coquettish daughter (who can resist that?!).

I had to go get an ultrasound this morning to check on my gall bladder, which made me chuckle of the irony how I had a procedure like that scheduled on the day I am officially older, but I was so blessed to have someone offer to come to our house before 7am to watch Hadassah and Emmanuel. That simple but enormous act of selflessness poised my attitude for the entire day and gave me a posture of delight and thankfulness. I was so thankful for all the blessings I have received. I became incredibly aware of the value of my children, my husband, and my friends and family – not just in today, but throughout my entire life. I am so overjoyed that people out there are celebrating life, and my life, with me.

Tonight, I celebrated my life with the three most important people: my children and my husband. It was so fun to have a family “date”. It was our first official family date with Emmanuel, and I think the first time we had been out to eat with Hadassah since July. I had a great time and ended my day even more full of blessings than before. Cheers to getting older, and continued celebration of life!



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