7 days until due date

12 Apr

Today we skipped church since I am not feeling well and the kids are still a bit under the weather. 

We had a leisurely breakfast together, and Fernando was on kitchen duty all day long. I can’t even tell you how wonderful it was to hardly do a dish and to not get up a million times to refill cups with milk and look for extra napkins. At about mid morning, I colored my hair, showered, and Fernando took the kids outside to play while I rested in bed. I just laid in bed but did not sleep. 

At noon, we reconvened for lunch, the kids got a bath, and took a nap. Once the kids were settled in their rooms, we both took a nap. When I had woken up this morning, I felt worse than I had felt yesterday. However, after my afternoon nap, I felt really refreshed and like my body was healing.

After naptime, I did some laundry and ate a bunch of chocolate. I am still at this moment craving chocolate like crazy! I reorganized the hospital suitcase, adjusted the infant carseat straps, decluttered our microwave stand (which is our problem area for clutter), decluttered our bedroom, and made up the bed with our extra set of sheets. Tomorrow, I will just have on my to-do list vacuuming and putting away laundry. Honestly, both of those tasks might just wait until Tuesday, depending on how I feel. My first priority is to lay around as much as possible and kick this cold to the curb. So, my to-do list for tomorrow might change to include drinking tea, taking a warm bath, and napping!

Today I felt about 3 more intense contractions in one hour. I compared my belly pictures from just before delivery with all three pregnancies, and based off of past belly pictures, I still have a bit to grow. My belly has felt enormously heavy all of a sudden in just the past two days. I also forgot to mention on my last update that the bones in my pubic area feel like they are expanding. Actually, they kind of just feel like they are cracking, but we will make it sound more pregnancy-official and say that they are relaxing and expanding. It still isn’t enough for me to complain about, but today I felt a burst of readiness for baby. I think that having the golden hour of cleanliness in my house paired with feeling mildly rested made me feel adventurous to tell fate that I am okay with baby coming tonight. 


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