7 Apr

I am feeling fine.  I’m fine. I’M FINE, I TELL YOU! I was fine. Now I’m just really cranky. I have a deadline for all my work stuff to be completed by the end of this week, and I can’t seem to get myself together. So that makes me cranky.

I currently have two sick and whiny kids. I had them at my side while trying to get work done. Nothing gets done. No one is happy. Why do I try? Hmmm… let me see if I can think of the answer… Oh yeah, maybe because I’M HAVING A BABY NEXT WEEK! What delightful timing. That’s why I am cranky. I’m not cranky because I am still pregnant. I’m cranky because I have all this stuff to do and I know baby could be coming soon.  I mean, really soon. It could be tomorrow.  I don’t think it will be tomorrow, but with each day that passes, the probability increases! The things hanging over my head are making me cranky:

I have to find information for this deck stain we used a few years ago and redeem the guarantee/warrenty, because it is majorly chipping and is supposed to last like 25 years. I need to do this before I have a baby. I finally located the gallons of stain in a corner, buried under junk in the garage. I have to pull out the car from the garage. Cue irrational fear of moving the car more than 1 inch without having my kids buckled in their seats. It really is paralyzing, which is why I haven’t completed this seemingly simple task.

I have to fill out rebate information for our window installation. Problem here? Well, it shouldn’t be too difficult.  I was ready to follow the directions and mail the info out.  But the window company rep casually mentioned how it is difficult to get the rebate and that it is easier if I go to the utilities building to do it. Okay, right. Let me schedule that in around going in to labor, while towing around two sick kids. 

And the last thing making me really cranky? My sick kids that look absolutely horrible but refuse to nap. I can’t even tell you how much this raises my blood pressure. GO LAY DOWN AND REST, child!!!!!

So, I’m fine.  I’m a fine pregnant lady. I’m just cranky with life.


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