38 Weeks Pregnant

4 Apr

All right! My super busy and hectic week is over! Phew!

My pregnancy brain has been severe this past week.  I have been forgetting things constantly, and I have even been having issues forming coherent sentences.  It is extremely frustrating.

I still feel absolutely wonderful and happily pregnant. Yesterday I was at home all day and felt really cranky because I had a lot to do but didn’t have much motivation. I would describe it as an end-of-pregnancy crankiness feeling; I feel depressed and cranky for no good reason.

The biggest highlight of my week in pregnancy world was that I slept amazingly every single night!  A few nights I didn’t go to bed until 11pm, but I actually slept in every day!  My normal waking time was about 6:30am. It is so much nicer than waking up at 4am.  I think I even slept in until 7:15am two days this week. Yay, body!  Keep up the good work!

The weirdest, or most difficult thing that I experienced this week was a night of crazy movement from baby, which was accompanied by severe stabbing pain in my cervix, as well as my thighs and back on occasion. I think the baby must have smuggled a knife in to the womb and was stabbing me constantly. My midwife told me that the sensation frequently can mean dilation is happening.

I was expecting to get a cervical check at my appointment this week, but my midwife didn’t do one.  I am so used to getting checked starting at 36 weeks that this is new to me!  Usually I am about 3cm dilated at this point.  My midwife said she will “probably” check me next week.  I actuallly hope she does, since I will be almost 39 weeks.  I really would like to know if I am super dilated like I normally am.

One thing that I hate about the end of pregnancy is how fat my arms look. So, in order to combat my sausage arms being preserved in photos, I decided to start lifting weights.  I know I should have done this all of my pregnancy, but I totally forgot that we had free weights at home until just the other week. I lifted weights 4 days this week!  If I am pregnant another two full weeks, I think that the lifting can make a small, noticable difference!

I still feel like baby’s birthday is quite awhile away.  However, when I think about the possibility of baby coming any day, like tomorrow, or the following day, I feel pretty incredulous, but I have been trying to tell myself that it is possible. I am so mentally fixed on baby coming on time that I will flip out if baby comes early (as in next week some time!). While I have a history of going in to labor right on time, I told my midwife this week that I am starting to suspect that I will be birthing this baby past my due date, since I am feeling so good, both mentally and physically. I don’t really think I will reach that fed up stage before April 19th, my due date, and I think that the fed up stage usually is a prerequisite to labor, right? Or maybe since I am wise in my old age, I have surpassed the need for bitterness to get labor started. 

Speaking of labor, tonight I did have three rather intense contractions. They were so close to labor contractions, but just a hair under labor. For the worst contraction, I thought, “If these continue and if I have any blood at all, then I am in labor.” However, they did not stick around. I know that each day shall be more intense, as each day brings me close to my baby’s birth day. I have realized that labor prep takes place the whole last month of pregnancy (at least in my case). It is beautiful that each day my body gently pulls me closer to active labor. 

I suppose I should start trying to keep a pre-labor log of my activities.  I don’t know why, but I just love to remember what mundane tasks I was doing right before going in to labor. I think next week I might try to do a log every 2-3 days, and when I hit 39 weeks I will try to do a daily log.

Lastly, I have been thanking God that I am still healthy and that I don’t have a cold, I don’t have the flu, I don’t have sinus issues, and I don’t have respiratory issues. I have been praying so hard that I remain healthy for labor, unlike battling sickness for weeks during my last labor. I am so thankful that God has provided good health these past few weeks!

Quickly, a log of this week:

I worked and went shopping to have meals to cook up until my mom arrives, and also for this Easter weekend. We went to a baby shower and received lots of cute little baby items! I defaulted to homemade pizza (for the 3rd time this month), corn dogs (for the second time this month), and breakfast for dinner during the week. Because of that, the food that I planned to cook this past week is still waiting to be cooked for next week… talk about easy menu planning!  Yay! I went to the dentist and the kids went to storytime at the library. I spent a good bit of time doing work stuff and trying to get ahead (which, I am not anywhere near on-schedule as I was planning to be!  That means that this next week is going to be more hectic than I anticipated). I completed my freezer meal exchage with friends, so I have about 10 meals that came out of the exchange. I also made several pans of lasagna… but I think I might have done that last week. Today we had a Seder meal, plus I made egg cassserole for tomorrow as well as a pan of stuffed raspberry french toast, and an extra pan for the freezer!


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