37 Weeks Pregnant

27 Mar

I thought that I would be more excited and freaked out when I wrote “37 Weeks Pregnant,” but I actually feel like I have a long time left to be pregnant.

This week I spent an equal amount of time nesting like a crazy bird and resting like a sloth.  It was a beautiful balance, and I’m not sure if I am really ready to end my spring break and resume normal life for three more weeks.

On my list of accomplishments were making 4 pans of lasagna, installing (and rearranging) the 3 car seats, gathering up materials for work for the month of April & May (now I just have to organize them), pulling out and organizing all newborn stuff, including cloth diapers, changing pad & accessories, swaddlers, clothes, and I packed the baby’s hospital stuff.

I can’t remember how I’ve felt this week.  I have been waking up super early, which has been annoying but not enraging, and I’ve been peeing a lot more. Baby feels extremely heavy when I lay on my right side.  Today I was also getting a constant period-like pain in my belly and felt like I was on my period. I also got a few shooting pains down my thighs, which were similar to the post-labor contractions I had when breast feeding last delivery. It was  excruciatingly painful and the fact that I experienced that same pain today made me feel a little nervous about labor.

I’ve also had a few moments this week where my heart all of a sudden drops to my stomach as I realize I am going to have three children who are 3 years old and younger, or that this baby is coming out through the birth canal. Obviously I know how babies come out, but when the reality hits, it makes my stomach do flip-flops.


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