36 Weeks Pregnant!

22 Mar

This shall be declared the week of nesting! But first, the previous week in review.

Last week was a great week. Although I was still on sickness recovery mode (with laundry and such), I felt good. I ordered my Gentle Birth Tincture by Mountain Meadows and started taking a half of a dose each day at 35 and a half weeks along. Tomorrow I will start at 2/3 of the dose and I might possibly start using my Evening Primrose Capsules starting this evening.

I cannot explain how happy that I am that I have been sleeping so well this trimester. I know that I have had many days where I wake up at 4:30am for the day, but I have mostly been sleeping solidly until 6:30am, and it is delicious.  I am absolutely incredulous that I haven’t been waking up to pee every night. I’m pretty sure that has been my standard behavior for first and third trimester, usually right at 3am, in all of my pregnancies.  I think that the fact that I have been not getting up to pee has helped my tendency to have insomnia during 3rd trimester.

Another reason I am sleeping so well is that I am, in general, pretty comfortable while I am sleeping.  I remember during my last pregnancy, I had to set up this ridiculous arrangement of nine pillows in order to sleep comfortablly. Most of my discomfort was due to hip pain. Any time that I wanted to switch which side I was sleeping on, it was a huge pillow-moving ordeal. Surprisingly, my hip pain did not diminish after delivering Emmanuel, until we ordered our new King Size Simmon’s Beauty Rest mattress at 6ish months post partum.  I had almost instant relief from my hip pain! I do think that the hip pain was a result of pregnancy, but our old mattress did nothing to alleviate the pain.

Lastly, my other sleep secret that I discovered this pregnancy is my magnesium supplement.  I know that I have mentioned it several times, but it has been a life-saver.  I am so so so soooooo happy that it was recommended to me!

In spite of sleeping well, last week I began to feel exhausted with any amount of exertion. I feel good, but I am just extremely tired.

Yesterday we officially began our spring break, and we started nesting! I arranged a freezer meal exchange with friends and prepared my first meal yesterday. I decided on homemade chicken noodle soup (with homemade noodles and everything!). I feel like I spent all afternoon and most of the evening getting it done though. However, when I consider that my one chicken noodle soup-making experience yesterday translates in to about 8 meals thanks to the freezer exchange, I’m pretty happy. My cooking plan for this week is to make 2 pans of stuffed french toast, 4 pans of lasagna, and a tripled recipe of stuffed peppers for the freezer meal exchange. This freezer meal prep has taken up so much of my time and energy, that when I arrived home this afternoon after an expensive trip to Costco, I realized that I had NO idea what I am supposed to cook for dinner this week. I’m all set for meals for April and May, but who know what we are eating the last week of March! I guess eating one pan of lasagna would be a good idea, and we have a coupon for a free pizza, and we will go out to eat for Fernando’s birthday one night this week, so I guess most of the week should be covered! But then I realize that I have to keep cooking and shopping and planning meals until baby comes.  Ugh!  I feel like I cannot get ahead!

After I got home from Costco, the car stayed out of the garage and I *slightly* organized the chest freezer. One of the things on my to-do list is to write down a full inventory of the stuff in the freezer. I hate digging around the freezer, especially when the door is closed and it is so dark. I found a hidden gallon of ice cream, three taquitos, and one go-gurt. I want to make sure I avoid losing little things like that! I’m not sure when the official freezer inventory will happen, but it should happen some time this week.

While I was in the garage, I also pulled out some baby stuff! I got the Pack ‘N Play, a small box of newborn baby girl clothes, and pulled out the dehydrator for my placenta. I still have to find the newborn boy clothes and grab the bouncer and cloth diapers. I think that is all I will be grabbing this week. After baby comes we will bring the swing in and wash more clothes according to who this baby is! Right now, the girl clothes are in the washing machine. Unfortunately, all the clothes in the box I grabbed are very summery clothes. I hope I find some gender neutral stuff in the boy bins that are a bit warmer. I think I have at least 2 neutral sleepers in the boy stuff!

This is what my countdown looks like:

  • 28 days till due date
  • 27 days till 39.6 (when I went in to labor previously)
  • 26 days till 39.5 (when I went in to labor previously)
  • 24 days till mom arrives
  • 15 days till Easter
  • 13 days till Good Friday
  • 3 more days till Fernando’s birthday

I know this is a detailed account of things I have done, and although it isn’t very exciting, it is helping me feel less stressed out. There is something about hitting 36 weeks along where I realize I have much to do in very little time! I’m sure more lists and boring logs of things accomplished will ensue. 


36 wks



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