34 Weeks Pregnant

5 Mar

After two weeks or so of waking up for the day before 5am, this past week I had several days where I SLEPT IN until my alarm rang!  On one morning that we didn’t have anywhere to go, I actually slept in until 7:45am. I can’t believe I consider 7:45am to be sleeping in.  But it felt absolutely delicious. Not only have I been sleeping in, but I have been sleeping WELL.  I haven’t felt super uncomfortable at night (for the past few weeks the baby seemed to be burrowing painfully in to the top sides of my uterus while I was sleeping). I feel SO GOOD.  I LOVE 3rd trimester! I’m not sure if I felt quite this good with my last two pregnancies.

In spite of sleeping extremely well this past week, I have still been very tired. I think I took 2 or 3 naps this week, and one of those naps was like an hour and 20 minutes. Oh! How I love to sleep!  And I will feel no guilt for laying around. Plenty of people advise pregnant ladies to “sleep while they can,” right? So I am just taking advantage of that!

In the midst of me feeling so happy with how wonderful I feel, I thought, “Wow, I think my most annoying symptom this pregnancy is the part where I get dizzy/fuzzy feeling when I am inclined on my back.” Then I remembered that I was rather miserable for almost 2 whole trimesters with nausea and digestive pain. So, I suppose the worst symptom of my third trimester is the vena cava issue. Because of that, I just might remember this as my favorite pregnancy! 


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