28 weeks pregnant

26 Jan

Once again, I am a teeny tiny bit late in posting an update, but since it hasn’t been an eventful past week (in pregnancy), I will let myself off the hook.

This last week I suffered a bit from insomnia, so I drank some Nighty-Night tea and plan on staying on top of my magnesium supplements from now on.

Although I am in love with third trimester, I had back pain for most of the week, and it came on almost overnight. I suspect that it had to do with me doing some exercising the previous week. I couldn’t walk or bend or do anything like normal for days. It felt like I just needed to pop my back, but it also felt like my tummy was throwing off my center of gravity and causing the pain. To my delight, on Saturday morning when I was laying in bed waking up, I stretched and felt that beautiful “pop” of relief! I was exponentially better that same day.

As far as my pregnancy musings go, I have gotten really giddy thinking about the fact that my due date is LESS than 12 weeks away! And although I don’t think I have to worry about delivering too much ahead of my due date, it is throwing me for a loop to think that I will be full term in 9 weeks.

Time is just flying by and I can’t do anything to stop it. In spite of being “unprepared,” I feel pretty relaxed. Now that I am on baby 3, I know that all I need is a car seat, a place for baby to sleep, some outfits cleaned, and it’d be nice to get the cloth diapers ready. While I could go in to nesting mode and wash the diapers, I am dreading the storage of the diapers in our bedroom. The longer I can put that off, the better!

Another baby thing that has gotten me really excited is that we have made our official name list! We have our top three girl and boy names penned in ink, and are ready to name our sweet little babe after we meet him or her. I am so ecstatic to meet my new little prince or princess.

The last exciting thing that happened last week is that we decided to use a birth photographer. I am overjoyed that we will get this third birth professionally captured. Besides our wedding, we have never done professional photographs. This is a true and special treat for one of the most beautiful events of our lives.


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