27 weeks pregnant

19 Jan

Today I am more than 27 weeks pregnant, which makes me feel like time is really flying by. I’m going to be 28 weeks pregnant in just a few DAYS.

I am elated to officially be in my third trimester. I know with my first pregnancy I was so cranky my last month of pregnancy, but it honestly was more because I just wanted an extra month with my baby before going back to work, and each day that I was pregnant past the textbook “full term” was a day that I felt was being robbed from me.

For the second time around, I recall thinking how I knew in my head that it was so much easier to cart around a baby in my tummy while doing errands (and life) than a baby outside of my tummy, so I didn’t really wish him out.

For this third little pumpkin, I am so excited for us to have a bigger family and to watch the kids take responsibility of being an older sibling to a tiny, helpless babe. H & E are so close in age that the only life they have ever known has been with their sibling. I think it will be a fun change to have that novelty of a new baby in the house.

So, while I am sure I will have complaints in this last trimester, it cannot be worse than those first SIX months of pregnancy. I have achieved pregnancy bliss, and by golly, I will cling to this bliss!

This past week I experienced legitimately painful jabs for this bambino. I know that will be something I dislike later. I keep wondering how a 2lb creature can be so injurious.

Also a new “symptom” that I experienced this week was difficulty leaning forward. A few different times I was sitting at the table for dinner or working at a chair. I tried to lean forward to get something and was prevented from moving where I wanted to go. I leaned back slightly and tried to get some momentum and attempted to lean forward again. I felt like I was hitting a wall. I don’t remember my belly physically limiting me this way. I’m not having problems squatting, I’m having problems reaching things.

I noticed a slight increase in difficulty in rolling around and getting out of bed. Struggling to get out of bed is going to creep up on me like the ticking hands of a clock.

While on my last pregnancy update I had experienced extreme energy bursts, this last week I was met by extreme exhaustion. Several nights after getting the kids in to bed, I also went straight to bed to hibernate. Even with my extreme exhaustion, I managed to do some butt/ab exercises and lift weights twice. I was really excited about strengthening my body. Maybe it is because I realize labor is so close, and I was to be in kick-booty shape and feel free to pull some ninja moves during labor if I so desire.

One more thing that I dealt with last week was that I was attacked by the sweets monster. It might be because I had the excuse that it was my birthday, but I ate decadent birthday desserts four different nights. Yikes. Now that I’m thinking about it, those desserts were probably what were really behind my motivation to do strength training. I think I subconsciously felt my butt getting jigglier. Also, because I was craving sweets so badly, it made me question my 99% assurance that I have a little girl baking inside. According to my own studies on my own pregnancies, sweets cravings point towards boy pregnancies. So now I am 51% convinced I am pregnant with a boy. Or maybe 49% convinced. The point is, I think I have an equal chance at being surprised at birth! I kept thinking how if I gave birth to a girl, I would almost yawn at the news, thinking, “Um, helloooo. Of course it is a girl. Intuition told me that.” And if it happened to be a boy, I would be so extremely surprised that I would view the baby as strangely as I would view an alien, and mentally ask the baby, “Wait – did you undergo a sex change while you were in the womb?”

The fact that I am craving sweets gives me hope that I do not actually know what sex this baby is. I won’t be annoyed that I “already knew the answer” if it is a girl. I won’t flip out if it is a boy because I am flabbergasted from the surprise. I will have a normal amount of eagerness and be filled with brimming joy either way!


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