22-25 weeks pregnant

2 Jan

I’ve lost it. I’ve lost my list. I started compiling a giant list of names that I liked for both boys and girls that work well in both English and Spanish, and it somehow disappeared. I was just getting ready to review it and maybe start narrowing down the names and discovered the list was not where I thought I left it.

Playing on Team Green is really throwing me for a loop. I love not knowing if this baby is a boy or a girl; it makes me feel like I am getting back to the grass roots of birthing in a way. However, I am surrounded with contemporary culture and am feeling a bit overwhelmed. I started wondering how people named their babies 30 years ago… then I realized that the lack of technology contributed to the overflow of certain names. People turned to their ancestors and the Bible to name their babies. I like both of those trends, but I just finished looking through an entire list of popular baby names throughout the world. I think I have too much choice.

On the bright side, I am almost set on a girl name. On the other side, it is giving me no motivation to consider boy names since I feel so convinced it is a girl.

I suppose I should note that I haven’t been dwelling on names for this entire past lunar month. I officially quit drinking coffee and milk, and many of my abdominal issues have resolved themselves. I’m quite capable of moving around like a normal person and doing all my daily activities without grumbling about any sort of pregnancy ailment, although today I noticed my belly got in the way when I was bending over to sort some laundry. It is safe to say that I have been experiencing complete pregnancy bliss these past 3ish weeks.

Baby moves so gently all throughout the day. It makes me hope that I will get blessed with a sweet and gentle little babe who is calm and balanced. The other two kiddos behave outside the womb very similarly to how they behaved inside the womb. H moved a lot in the day and never woke me up at night. She had two “outbursts” where it felt like she was trying to claw her way out of the womb. Outside the womb, she was/is gentle and calm, she slept through the night fairly early on, and only has an occasional tantrum. My little man was crazy in the womb and strong. He also would wake me up in the middle of the night. Outside the womb, he rarely ever relaxed. As a newborn, he was constantly thrashing and scratching and hitting me while breast feeding. He was wide awake from 2am – 6am for his first few months of life, similar to his womb schedule. Because of my two previous experiences, I am having high hopes for baby 3 regarding my conclusions of their personality based on their movements in the womb.

Last week I started having very intense Braxton Hicks contractions. I have had them for months, but over the past two weeks they have gotten extremely strong. I would characterize them as a hair below the intensity of a labor contraction. While I only have a maximum of 2-3 in an hour, I do get them multiple times a day. I don’t think I am too dehydrated and I don’t feel like I am doing too much, but maybe my idea of “too much” and my body’s idea of “too much” don’t line up. I got slightly nervous at the intensity of them, but I have been trying to think about it logically. They aren’t labor contractions and they aren’t on any sort of schedule. Even though I have a great logical argument for not worrying, I have to say that I was extra relieved to hit the 24 week milestone, which is the textbook day for recognized viability outside the womb.

My goal in the next few weeks is to enjoy pregnancy and to listen to my body.



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  1. milesandmemories247 24 October 2015 at 20:48 #

    You definitely probably possibly could have a girl

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