16 & 17 weeks pregnant

6 Nov

I’m not quite 17 weeks pregnant, but I figured that since I have a spare moment, now would be a good time to do an update.

I have been struggling with all sorts of abdominal issues. Even though I have been experiencing them all pregnancy, I was feeling extra exasperated with them last week. Besides lingering nausea (will you just please go away already?), I have had extreme heartburn. It is so painful that I can’t eat, even though I want to eat. Part of the problem is that I ate several tomato-based foods last week. I also have sadly realized that I think I need to completely eliminate coffee from my diet unless I am eating a huge brunch (as opposed to on an emptier stomach). The few days I drank a cup of coffee last week were actually the most painful. I think this is a sign not just that I am pregnant, but I am officially getting old and my body is on the decline from here on out.

I also feel really uncomfortable in all of my clothes. Most of my maternity pants go over my belly and up to my esophagus. If I wear those, it only makes this whole reflux business even worse. An underwire bra as well as my nursing tanks all press on my chest, contributing to heartburn issues. If I wear regular pants, they are digging in to the flesh on my now giant hips. At the end of the day I feel like I’ve been mutilated. I’m really reading to start the fun part of pregnancy.

Baby’s movement continues to be extremely light and gentle. I am always questioning if I am really feeling baby or not. However, last night I had an especially cool treat. I was laying in bed reading, baring my stomach. I thought I felt a little movement and looked down. A moment later I actually saw baby moving from the outside, but barely felt anything! I am hoping that this baby is relaxed outside of the womb as well.

The last thing I think I forgot to mention in a previous update is that breast feeding has become extremely painful. The pain started around week 13 and I can barely stand to get through the latch. I hope this is temporary, because I really wanted to make it to tandem feeding.

Hasta la próxima vez.


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