13-15 weeks pregnant

27 Oct

Oops. I am just a hopeless pregnancy case with these updates. I promise I have a good excuse. Ready? I’m pregnant. And miserable. My last OB appointment was 4 weeks ago, and each week has been something difficult, made worse by being pregnant.

I got my flu shot last appointment, and my arm was sore for a few days and I just felt blah for about two whole weeks. I was extra tired and achey.

The week after that, I had major stomach issues. I felt like I had the stomach flu, but I barely threw up. I had pain like a rock in my stomach for days. If I ate a piece of toast, I was in agony and wanted to throw up. Usually when I am sick with a stomach flu, I throw up a few times and I feel better. It’s a 24 hour thing and I’m done. I didn’t throw up until day 3, so I was just suffering in pain, waiting for the relief of throwing up. That lasted almost a week.

To end my lunar month of bliss, last week I started having a burning sensation in my chest, and I am welcoming a very slowly developing upper respiratory infection (or something similar).

In the morning sickness department, it continues to taper off ever so slowly. I still get nauseated right at 1 or 2pm every day like clockwork. If I take my medicine right before I start feeling sick, I don’t get nauseated. If I wait until after I feel sick, it usually lingers all afternoon long.

I am ready to say good riddance to October. On the exciting side, my next appointment will be the anatomy scan, so the kiddos will be able to see their baby sibling.

I have also been feeling baby move, but I don’t feel super convinced of the sensations. I keep thinking how it might just be my intestines digesting. I also felt less sure since I have been feeling a ton of movement right below my belly button. However, I know that, according to the textbooks, my uterus doesn’t arrive at my belly button until I am 20 weeks along. I was pleasantly surprised, however, when I asked my midwife today at my if it was possible to feel the baby so high. She said that it was absolutely possible, especially if my bladder is full. So now I will be focusing even more on my belly and trying to get in tune with the little babe!

Next on my agenda, I would like to start compiling a list of baby names, but I am also wondering if I should wait until after the anatomy scan to start thinking about names. We aren’t going to find out if baby is a boy or girl until labor day, but I feel like it might be nice to just hang on until 20 weeks to make sure baby is looking healthy.


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