6 weeks pregnant

23 Aug

I am quite happy to be six weeks pregnant. According to average fetal development, my baby’s heartbeat should have started beating yesterday! I am very eager for next week, however, since I have my first prenatal appointment.

This week, I did not feel very pregnant. I laid on the couch one afternoon after laying both kiddos down for a nap. I laid down just to physically rest the muscles carrying my head. I almost immediately fell asleep for a sweet half hour. Even though I spent much of my life in love with sleep, ever since I became a “real” adult I do adult things like wake up early, go to bed at a decent hour, and naps aren’t an option. The only time I nap is after a little womb inhabitant evacuates my tummy and subsequently turns me in to a zombie for a few month. The only other time I nap is when I am pregnant… I guess I must be pregnant, huh?

Also related to sleeping, the same day that I had taken an afternoon nap, I fell asleep before 9pm. Before. The baby manufacturing plant needed a rest. (Oooo! It was the night before the heart supposedly started beating! I guess I was working hard.)

Another weird “symptom” that I had this week is that one evening I spent a lot of time in the bathroom, and it wasn’t for morning sickness if you catch my drift. It might have been the chicken cordon bleu casserole I took out of the freezer, or it might have been pregnancy related. The jury is still out on that one.

I have actually been lamenting the lack of nausea this pregnancy. I was miserable for almost two trimesters with the other two kiddos. This one? I seriously have been wondering if I didn’t make a mistake reading those pregnancy tests. Two lines means twins, right? And one line means a singleton… I am totally joking there.

I do feel like nausea equals pregnancy, but I guess it just means crazy hormones. I was getting nauseated before each period in the past few months, so there is an example of those crazy hormones. Here I haven’t had nausea (except a short bout of “car sickness(?)” before I got a positive pregnancy test, and this evening when we went out shopping and I felt almost really nauseated. I almost felt pregnant-nauseated. Or maybe it was car sickness again. I guess I will see if my car sickness sticks around when I am not in the car.

Oh yes, I almost had a bad gall bladder attack the other day when I drank milk plus ate a bowl full of incredibly spicy jalapeño creamy soup. Luckily I was able to stave it off with some apple cider vinegar. Maybe there is another pregnancy symptom for my scoreboard this week: frequent gall bladder attacks.


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