5 weeks pregnant

16 Aug

This week has been pretty easy and breezy. I looked up a pregnancy counter and I am 5 weeks pregnant TODAY. I thought that I wasn’t going too be 5 weeks pregnant until tomorrow! So that was somewhat exciting. If there is something that I have learned in pregnancy, it is that one day in pregnancy land can feel like an eternity. Therefore, I was pretty excited to be a day later in my pregnancy than I thought.

I had been dreaming every night about my work, which has been anything but fun. Last night I had my first vivid, non-stressful pregnant dream. I dreamed I was on a pirate ship that may or may not have been manned by the VeggieTales pirates. I feel tired, but I actually felt much more tired last week.

I’ve also had a few bouts of cramping, which I am attributing to breast feeding. Speaking of breast feeding, I have felt a slight decrease in my milk production.

Lastly, I had the worst heartburn last night that I have ever experienced after eating a bowl of vinegar-style coleslaw.

Not a super exciting week of pregnancy, but this is what it looks like to be five weeks pregnant.

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