New Pregnancy blog!

11 Aug

Welcome to the newest chapter in my life, baby #3!

I hope to give weekly updates for pregnancy #4, and I hope this little babe sticks around until the end.

I am currently 4 weeks & 1 day pregnant (if you know me in real life, keep this a secret!). I have always been a crazy pregnant lady looking for information about what’s normal and what’s abnormal, or even what to expect in weeks to come, so I am hoping that I can be useful to another pregnant lady.

Not only do I want to be helpful to others, I want to be helpful to myself and keep a better written record about pregnancy. You think you will remember every detail about something as significant as pregnancy, but years later, it does become a blur.

For example, this is all I remember about my previous experiences:

Baby #1: I was extremely nauseated for 20 weeks (although I don’t remember if nausea began at 4 weeks, 4 weeks + 3 days, 5 weeks, etc.). I barely started showing at 20 weeks. I didn’t feel baby move until 19 weeks. I still looked just a bit pudgy at 7 months along. I thought she would be a boy. I wanted to eat lots of fresh food, fruits, and veggies. Baby #1 moved a lot during the day, and had one or two episodes where she tried to claw her way out of my uterus. It was painful. I think she was having her first temper tantrum.

Baby #2: I had an extreme amount of bleeding throughout the first trimester. He moved a lot at night and would wake me up. He was extremely strong. I thought he would be a girl.

There is definitely a lot more to pregnancy than what I remember, so begins my record.

4 weeks pregnant:

I am extremely exhausted. Have you ever taken a drug that has makes you feel drowsy? And have you ever taken that medicine during the day? That is how I feel all the time. That “symptom” started at 3wks2d, but I thought it was due to my busy schedule. I have been crawling in to bed by 9pm with the lights off mostly at the latest of 9:30pm.

I also had a hearty cry at 3wks3d, which is what prompted me to take a test being only 3wks4d pregnant. I only cry like that when I am pregnant. I took the test when I woke up in the middle of the night, didn’t see a line, and crawled back in bed. When I woke up for the day, I thought I saw a very faint line, but I figured it was due to not following the instructions. I didn’t get around to taking another test until the afternoon (about 12 hours later), and I got a very clear positive result! I was very surprised to see such an increase in pregnancy hormones in a 12 hour time period. That positive result was at 11 days after ovulation.

I have also had an extreme heightening of my sense of taste and smell. That started before I was even 3 weeks pregnant. I would eat something and ask hubby if it tasted “off,” and he would say it tasted very normal. I have recovered my superpower of SuperScents!

To communicate that I am now narcoleptic, I am going to be curt. I’m going to take a nap.



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