SuperJuiceMe! 28 Day Challenge – Day 1 (Pre-juice)

5 May

About a week ago, a friend posted a link on Facebook for a free documentary called SuperJuiceMe! by Jason Vale. I thought that it sounded like an interesting documentary; it was the opposite of Supersize Me. A handful of people are chosen to go to a resort and live off nothing but fresh juices and then their health is evaluated at the end of that time period. The weight-loss was staggering, but I have seen people lose weight before. The increase in overall health was also quite amazing. Many were able to decrease medication or felt better than they did with medication. However, dropping pounds and getting off medication is not what impressed me. My jaw dropped when I saw their initial pallor change to glowing skin and shiny hair. This was such a strong image of health on the cellular level.

My husband and I threw around the idea of juicing. We mentioned it would be cool to start eating some more raw foods and making small changes to increase overall health. I have been on a mission for the past year to eat cleaner. Due to some health issues I started eating a gluten free diet a month ago. To help make the adjustment to gluten free (I love carbohydrates!) I found solace in smoothies this past month. Because of this, I feel like now is a great (and easier!) time for me to do a juicing challenge.

Yesterday morning, hubby mentioned how in a month he wanted to go all in and do the juicing program and exercise. I wasn’t 100% sure, but if he was, I would be 100% in as a support. Later in the afternoon we went out to do some shopping. We passed the appliance section and I figured we could check to see if the store had juicers. 20 minutes later we walked out of the store with a juicer and started formulating our plan!

To shorten the narrative, we decided to start immediately and we went shopping (again) for the supplies needed for week 1 of the plan.

We will be making some modifications to the strict plan. First, we won’t be doing 30 minutes of high intensity exercise twice each day. We plan on exercising, but since we are not obese, we are going to take it easy! I am not doing this plan to lose weight. I am doing this plan to see what living off living food does on a cellular level.

I lift my green juice to you. Cheers! Salud!

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