Day 1 of SuperJuiceMe! (Post juice)

5 May

I’m not going to sugar coat this. Today I felt horrible. The 100% diet of juice absolutely will not work for me. It is sad, but I know my body. The word to best describe how I felt the entire day would be incoherent. It might be because my dear baby woke up in the 5 o’clock hour. It might be because I slept horribly last night. It might be because I did not have coffee. It might be a combination of all of those things, but I felt like I was stumbling around in a hypoglycemic stupor all day long.

Since I did not consult a doctor before starting this program, I feel confident to do what I think is best for my body. Since I DO have hypoglycemia and have grown very in tune with my body the past 3 years, I can proceed with a modified plan. It is strange and difficult to understand how something so good (raw fruits and veggies) can possibly make me feel SO bad. But it did. And, hey, it’s okay. The actual juice, I am quite sure, will not hurt me, but just drinking pure juice might not be the right fit for my body chemistry.

Tomorrow I start again, and I will make some allowances. I will use the juice in addition to my normal diet. And if it prevents me from eating an amount of packaged food that I normally would eat, then I am better off.

Tomorrow I will have 1 cup of coffee to start the day. I’m not 100% convinced of this, though. I might have two. I figured I should slowly wean myself off. Even though I had 3 cups of green tea (and 1 cup of fruit tea), it did not do enough for me. In addition, just the flavor of coffee is my addiction. I would be happy drinking decaf, except supposedly it is more dangerous than regular coffee because of the chemicals used in the decaffeination process…?…Maybe?

Second, I might eat some eggs to start off with a good solid base of protein.

I will intersperse a cup of (homemade!) kefir, which is a probiotic, and a brew of juice in the morning.

I will most likely continue with the juices for the rest of the day and will plan to have a dinner of either cooked asparagus or corn and possibly a chicken and broccoli casserole. Now, how bad is all that? I think it still sounds pretty decent, as long as I don’t lace my food with chemicals. As I mentioned yesterday, my mission is to eat cleaner and to increase my intake of fruits and veggies. While I absolutely LOVE cooked veggies, I’m not sold on the juices, especially the Breath of Fresh Air juice, which was sooooo strong in the beet juice department. I drank two of those babies today, and the second one made me nauseated. I almost threw up, and I think I might be ruined for beets (which is quite sad, since I told my husband just yesterday how much I LOVE beets. I was salivating thinking of them. I enjoy them cooked and on a bed of greens with a bunch of other salad veggies.).

As far as my handsome hubby goes, I asked him how he felt and his answer was a cheery, “normal!” He didn’t feel bad. He didn’t feel great. He didn’t feel hungry. He just felt normal. And he enjoyed the juices. And he has no plan to eat solid food for the next 27 day. Wow!


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