Hi, Jesus!

12 Feb

Hadassah loves to play pretend. She loves playing with her baby dolls, her vitamins, her blocks, and her food; they all get personified and have cute conversations at some point in time.

This morning, as I was preparing coffee, I was so struck to hear Hadassah begin a conversation like this, “Hi, Jesus! How are you?” She was sitting sweetly on the couch with a blanket covering her, surrounded by a small pile of yesterday’s junk mail. I don’t even know what she had in her hands. I think it was either the mail or nothing at all. She continued to converse, and I didn’t hear what followed. I was too absorbed in the ease of her morning conversation.

My first impulse in the morning was to make coffee. Hadassah’s first instinct was to greet Jesus like a family member. I can’t remember the last time I embraced Jesus as a real person hanging out in the room with me. Convicting.


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