I’m Pregnant

2 Jul

Emmanuel is 7 months old.

The weirdest things have been happening in the past month or so…

Fernando was talking to Hadassah and said something along the lines of, “you are my most beautiful daughter!” I immediately started to say, “Um, honey, you really shouldn’t say that since I am pregnant with your other daughter…” but I was not pregnant.

In Mexico, my mother-in-law said something like, “Your two children are so delightful,” and I almost burst out with, “You mean my three children… don’t forget the one I am pregnant with,” but I am not pregnant.

The other day someone was taking a little informal survey of who was pregnant. I started to raise my hand without thinking twice, then I realized I am not pregnant. Or am I? Why in the world do I keep thinking (without batting an eyelash) that I am pregnant?

Today I went to visit a friend who gave birth two weeks ago and I suddenly felt baby fever. We didn’t mind having baby #2 so close to baby #1, but we decided baby #3 should be more planned… and come much later because I felt really overwhelmed the first 6 months of Emmanuel’s life. However, maybe it is because we have been on vacation, but I’m totally feeling like I can handle baby #3 and I feel completely silly for hoping to avoid pregnancy for another year. On the other hand, I have just taken over a language school and getting pregnant any time soon would really complicate matters!

Even though my mind is stuck in pregnancy mode, I am not really pregnant.

Or am I?

I guess the only way to be more definite would be to take a test…

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