26 Jun

I am feeling really emotional and really passionate at this very moment.

I just spent about two hours reading through a blog  of some friends of one of my friends.  Their baby was born this past winter with his organs outside his body (abdominal).  He just had surgery (he is about 4 months old I am guessing) and I think is in scary condition.  I just want to weep for so many reasons.  I want to weep because I can see he is a sweet baby, and his parents love him so much.  He is about Emmanuel’s age.  I want to weep for the stress they are going through and seeing their baby suffer so much.  And I want to weep when I think about what if he was in a different family?  What if another woman got pregnant with him and decided to abort him because of his condition?  It is weird, but it takes me on this train of thought and thinking what if my babies were in someone else’s womb and they decided to abort them?  It makes me so mad.  And so sad.  And it feels personal  And I am weeping for all the precious lives that never were lived out due to abortion.

I’m not sure exactly where my extreme affinity and passion for babies came from, because when I was younger I didn’t really like  babies… I was the baby in the family.  Babies scared me.  I kind of thought that they weren’t real people in a way.  I didn’t babysit much.  I was just pretty ignorant and selfish.  Then I decided to start a family (mostly because that is what a person is “supposed” to do as they get older), and I realized how sacred and precious life is.  I understood God in a new light.  When I got married, I understood what it really meant to love Christ as a spouse and how he loves us in that way.  When I fought with Fernando, I realized what it meant to love even when someone makes it difficult.  When I had kids, I understood how a parent can’t help but loving their child, no matter what.  And these are human versions of how God loves us.

This is a rambling post that I will sum up in a few points:

  • Life is precious, babies are precious.
  • Pray for the above family that is dealing with having their baby in the hospital.
  • Abortion makes me weep…especially every time I see a new baby enter this world.
  • Christ loves us more than we can grasp.

    Here is my sweet baby sleeping peacefully.  I cannot imagine the world without him!

    Here is my sweet baby sleeping peacefully. I cannot imagine the world without him!


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