I Love My Bed

24 May

I have always had a love-hate relationship with sleep. I love sleep, I love resting, and I love sleeping in. However, once I entered my adult years, I hated sleeping my day away, and loved getting up with the sunshine. My idea of sleeping in when single was 10am. When married, it got bumped to about 8:30am. With kids, if I get to sleep till 7am (or even 7:30am!) I am happy! Can any of my Mommas out there agree!?

Several weeks ago I ordered a new mattress in king size for several reasons:

  • I have wanted a King Size bed ever since my first pregnancy
  • A King Size bed would work so much better for nursing at night.
  • Both our queen sheets were ripped and I was going to have to buy a new sheet set (or two)
  • I was looking in to buying a mattress for Emmanuel’s Pack N Play, which would cost something.
  • When I added up the costs of new sheets which I had to buy anyway and a new mattress for Emmanuel, + our needs/wants and researched new mattress costs, I decided it would be worth it to purchase a new mattress.

    I slept on my sister’s mattress when I was at her house the other month and it was so comfortable, so I decided I did not even need to go test mattresses out, I would just buy her mattress. Since she told me her mattress was a few thousand dollars, I was prepared for higher costs but was determined to research for the cheapest price.

    The bad news is that her mattress is no longer manufactured, but I found a similar one.

    My mattress is Simmons Beauty Rest Classic. My sister had some other type of Beauty Rest. I was a little nervous when ordering it, but I LOVE THIS MATTRESS! In addition, I found it super cheap (less than $800 for mattress, box spring, frame, and delivery) at US-Mattress.com, so definitely check them out!

    Both Fernando and I are getting way more sleep and way better sleep. In addition, there are a few extra bonuses to a new mattress that I didn’t even realize:

  • It is my squeaky like our old mattress, so Emmanuel (aka the Prince and the Pea)is not disturbed when I lay him down for bed.
  • I still had hip pain during this post partum period from being pregnant that I felt while sleeping, and it is basically gone with our new mattress!
  • I love my new bed… As if I needed encouragement to want to sleep!


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