The Boyscout motto

19 May

20130519-162505.jpgToday we went on a semi-last minute picnic and as a mother, I’m used to being pretty well prepared. I packed our sandwiches when we woke up, I brought water, milk, found some guacamole, chips, and crackers, and washed, cut, and packaged some strawberries. I brought sun block, extra clothes, made sure the kids were in summery clothes (we only have a few summer outfits for the kids right now), brought a big blanket plus several nursery blankets, sun hats, toys, extra shoes, cameras, hand sanitizer, headbands, hair ties, Chapstick, sunglasses for the whole family, a book, and umbrella to shade the brutal sun, and other standard items. I felt pretty proud of my mom self.

As we pulled out of the driveway, I noticed it was quite a bit chillier than I was expecting, but it was sunny and as it was still early morning, I figured it would warm up.

We went to church and when we finished at church and were ready for our picnic, it was cloudy and cooler than the morning was. And it was sprinkling.

While I obviously never was a boyscout, I think we are becoming rather qualified mountain dwellers. It was in the 50s, windy, and cloudy by the time we started our picnic, but I had an emergency (very fuzzy) blanket in the secret cubby in the car. I had a North Face sweater and Hadassah’s winter coat that I threw in the car the other week because it snowed, and I happened to have a pair of pants for Hadassah that I stuffed in there the other day because I took her out without a diaper and had them in case of an accident. In addition there was a sleeper for Emmanuel plus a spare (now rather tiny) winter hat for Emmanuel in the diaper bag. It turned out to be a good picnic, because thankfully we had everything but the kitchen sink in the car and were rather prepared. Always be prepared, whether a boyscout, mountain dweller, or parent.



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