30 day shred: day 2

8 May

Emmanuel has a really annoying habit that he has recently undertook: he donkey-kicks me in the back in the morning (I sleep with my back to him) to wake me up. I received these delightful little kicks this morning at about 5am, which was way earlier than I ever want to get up. I tried to play dead, in hopes that if I didn’t move, he would stop the kicking and go back to sleep.

No such luck. He moved from kicking on to scratching my back… I don’t mean scratching my back like, “ah, that feels nice!” (Smiley face!)… I mean scratching like clawing me like our ferrel cat with razor sharp claws.

I spent the next hour trying to feed him and lull him back to sleep. He would get drowsy then startle awake due to me trying to get comfortable, the alarm clock, or Fernando moving around. I finally decided to just hang out with him a little after 6am. I sat him up in bed and went in to zombie mode (in other words, awake but laying in bed, incapable of doing anything). Usually if Emmanuel wakes up early or has a hard time going to bed at night I know that I can try again in an hour and a half and be successful at getting him to sleep.

All this time I kept thinking, “if I’m awake, I might as well go workout” but I was just too tired. Like I said, I was in zombie mode. I kept sending mental messages to Emmanuel begging him to let me sleep just a little bit more. Finally, a little after 6:30am, Emmanuel stopped squealing, spitting and babbling and began to have a glazed, calm look. I knew it was my window of opportunity. Before I knew it I was waking up (once again to a cooing baby) from a sweet nap. It was only about a 30 minute nap, but it was all I needed. It was still early and I snapped out of zombie mode. It was the prime time to work out! In addition Hadassah slept in super late till almost 8:00am!

Needless to say, even though I got a rude awakening this morning, I had a much more successful and productive workout than yesterday.


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