Breast feeding essentials

25 Apr

I was recently talking with a friend about nursing gear and she asked me for my recommendations. The most essential item for breast feeding is the nursing tank. It makes nursing a cinch around the house and in public.

I have three different types of nursing tanks, all with pros and cons.

The nursing tank from Target:

This tank was, I think, the cheapest of the ones I own. I do not recommend it at all because the thread at the bottom completely unraveled, rendering it useless.

Pro: Cheap ($)
Con: Cheap (quality)

Thankfully, I only purchased one.

The nursing tank from Motherhood Maternity:

The great thing about motherhood is that they are always having sales! Sure, everything is probably marked up and then put on (quote, unquote) sale, but it makes you happy anyway.

I own about 5-6 tanks from Motherhood. They are not as cheap ($) as Target, but they weren’t that much more expensive as I recall. I think “on sale” they averaged out to $24 each.

Pros: They are really economical, and a decent tank for the price, hence the reason I have six of them.
Cons: After they get stretched out (like if I try to wear them more than 24 hours), they aren’t as supportive. In addition, they start rolling up at the torso area… a lot. Usually by the middle of the night I feel like I am wearing a belly shirt because they inch up so high.

The other con is that, while they are sufficiently supportive for me in my day-to-day life, I cannot jump around in them. Also, if someone is a little more endowed than I am (I am a DD/E while nursing but use a small tank), these tanks might be too flimsy.

Lastly, due to the thin material, I don’t really feel comfortable wearing this tank by itself in public.

Bravado Nursing Tanks:

I have one Bravado tank. I love this tank. It cost about $50.

Pros: The tank is made from a thicker material. I would feel much more comfortable wearing this tank out in public by itself compared to the others. It does not inch up at all and it doesn’t stretch out.

Cons: Besides the hefty price, I do feel a little bulkier when I am layering this with other clothes in order to nurse discreetly in public. Also, I don’t feel like Bravado has the perfect size tank for me. The tank I have is just slightly big for me, and the size smaller was just a bit too tight. Lastly, even though the clasps are more durable than my other tanks, they are a little more difficult to undo quickly and one-handed (which is quite important when you have a screaming baby in a public scene.)

Out of all my tanks, I would definitely recommend Bravado above any others. However, they are a little too expensive for me to fill a whole drawer with them, hence the reason I stocked up on the Motherhood tanks. I still would like to invest in one more Bravado tank.

I’m really not sure if there are other nursing tanks out there, but if there are, I’d love to know how they compare!

Below: the Bravado Nursing Tank



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