A pregnant girl’s/new mom’s goodie bag

12 Apr

My dear cousin is in her 3rd trimester of her first pregnancy. She had her shower 1,000 miles away the other weekend. Since we got snowed in on our travel date, which was also the date of the shower, I was able to join the shower via FaceTime (yay technology!). I saw her a week later just for a few hours, which was enough time to give her her shower presents.

Besides registry items, I put together a little goodie bag with random but important items.

Soothies Gel Pads Provide Relief!

Soothies Gel Pads Provide Relief!

  • Nursing/breast pads – I included 3 different brands of breast pads. I never used them with Hadassah and only used them for about 2 months with Emmanuel, and I soon discovered I had a preference. I wanted my cousin to be able to try different brands without buying a ton, especially if she is like me and doesn’t leak much.
  • Recipes for Labor Cookies and Lactation Cookies – when you are 9 months pregnant, it’s fun to occupy your time with crazy labor-inducing ideas to make yourself feel useful. Also, you might as well eat some purposeful cookies guilt-free while you can. Lactation cookies are yummy and every new mom is going to worry about having enough milk. Sometimes it feels good to DO something.
  • A packet of (dry) ingredients for above Lactation Cookies – I have more brewers yeast than I know what to do with. I decided to put together ingredients for a recipe of cookies so she doesn’t have to go find whacky ingredients right after having a baby.
  • Licorice Root Tea – to be taken at the end of pregnancy only, for inducing labor. Not to be taken while breast feeding.
  • Raspberry Leaf Tea – tones the uterus and helps prepare for labor.
  • A glob of nipple butter by Earth Mama Angel Baby – this stuff is more than necessary for the first days/weeks of breast
Nipple butter - much better than nipple creams!

Nipple butter – much better than nipple creams!

feeding and is much better than the lanolin provided by the hospital. I have a jar (2 or 4oz) and it is a copious amount. I’m sure it will last me for all my kids.

  • Soothies Cool Gel Pads – these are for the breasts and were a lifesaver when I had Hadassah!!! They are quite expensive so I didn’t actually give her the gel pads, I gave her the box. I decided to do this not because I am cheap, but because you can get them during the hospital stay.
  • Emergency condom – After over a year of not having to worry about birth control, it is hard to believe you will have to start thinking about it again, but you do!  And you don’t want to be stuck without one of those.
  • A pregnancy test – You just got done being pregnant and pregnancy tests are the furthest thing from your mind, but you will probably need one again some day. This is for that inevitable moment where you think you might be pregnant (but most likely are not) and dread going out to the store. It’s hard getting out with a newborn!

Those are some of the things I included. I feel like I am forgetting something. Some other ideas that I did not include are below:

  • A gift card to a restaurant that has food delivery, for right after having the baby.
  • An eye mask and ear plugs – so she can sleep (yeah right) while daddy gets up with the baby.
  • A few placenta pills (just kidding).

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