Definition of Vacation

29 Mar

Wow, this Spring Break has been interesting. First, we got snowed in and thought we might have to cancel our road trip. Then, we ended up going, and it was not the most relaxing time in the car, especially with both kiddos crying in the car nonstop for the last three hours. We were seriously 40 minutes from our destination and we passed a hotel and I seriously considered stopping there. It was tough.

After being “on vacation” for about 24 hours, sweet little Hadassah got super sick throwing up. She puked constantly for about 6 hours, then it slowed up. Either way, I could tell it wasn’t fun. Five days later, this horrible virus has conquered 8 of the 9 people in the house. Emmanuel is the only one left standing healthy at this moment and I am just praying praying fervently that he does not get it. Sickness like that is just too serious for babies. So please join me in praying for his health. I am hoping my body is really pumping out the antibodies in my breast milk, although my supply really plummeted after I spent hours throwing up and got super dehydrated.

So, what is vacation? I don’t know, but we were supposedly on it this week.

Happy Good Friday. We have been made alive though His death!


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