How to: Sleep While Pregnant

20 Mar

No, this is not “How to Teach Your Child Spanish – Part 2”. Sorry. I actually found the hard copy of my document I previously posted about and glanced at it quickly. Unfortunately, I don’t think it works here… Those recommendations work better for an older student who was just starting to study Spanish and in a classroom setting. It is still pretty awesome though.

I wrote this at around midnight the other night. I decided to try to treat my insomnia (no longer pregnancy insomnia, but I am sure I can blame it on hormones) by sharing my strategies for how to sleep while pregnant. No, I am not pregnant (even though I have had a few cases of unexplained nausea in the past week…hmmm…), but I found I cannot break my habit of sleeping like a pregnant lady!

Being pregnant is hard work. Not only was I manufacturing a person, at the end of the day, when all I wanted to do was rest my baby-making factory, I discovered I was tossing and turning from insomnia, choking on my heartburn, having fits of breathlessness, or wincing from severe hip pain, just to name a few struggles.

After two pregnancies, I used two different methods of sleeping positions to increase my comfort, leading to sweet and coveted rest!

Practitioners recommend that pregnant ladies sleep on their left side to maximize safety for mother and baby. I spent the longest time during my first pregnancy wishing and pining for sweet sleep on my back. I spent about 2/3 of my second pregnancy just being a rule breaker and sleeping on my back (please talk to your doctor before doing that). Below are descriptions of how to sleep comfortable on your side while pregnant. Many pillows are needed. I always started with a base of two for head support. I had a mix of flat pillows, full pillows, and down pillows.

The basic side comfort position:

Place two pillows under your head, but make sure they (or at least the top one) come down to the top of your shoulder. Place one pillow under your tummy. Place another pillow in between your knees. Place another pillow in between your ankles. Lay another pillow flat behind you, very close and slightly tucked under your back.

The hip pain relief position:

I had to use this for when I was pregnant with Hadassah. Follow all the above instructions. In addition, place a pillow under your side, above your hip (most likely perpendicular to your body). Place another pillow under your thigh. These extra two pillows will take the pressure off your hips and give you some relief!

I don't even have enough pillows anymore, but this is kind of what it looks like for a position to relieve hip pain.  It is annoying, but worth it!

I don’t even have enough pillows anymore, but this is kind of what it looks like for a position to relieve hip pain. It is annoying, but worth it!

With both of the above positions, play with the different types of pillows in different the different areas. If it is not comfortable, adjust it!

Next I will do a post about how to breast feed a baby while laying down and relaxing – something I just figured out on baby #2!


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