Human milk for human babies

25 Feb

Last night Emmanuel slept for TEN hours straight!  I couldn’t believe it.  Actually, it might have been more than ten hours, but I decided to get up after 10 hours to pump, because I was so engorged.  I laid there for a few minutes debating, “Do I pump?  Do I wait?  Surely Emmanuel will wake up any minute and need to eat.

My milk I pumped this morning.  I'm so proud of my 8 ounces!  I could have pumped more, but only pumped 1 side at a time, plus it was almost 5am, plus I wanted to make sure I still had a good amount in case Emmanuel woke up shortly after.

My milk I pumped this morning. I’m so proud of my 8 ounces! I could have pumped more, but only pumped 1 side at a time, plus it was almost 5am, plus I wanted to make sure I still had a good amount in case Emmanuel woke up shortly after.

If I pump now, he won’t have much to drink when he wakes!”  Those are the thoughts that I am sure every breast feeding mom will have at some point.

I decided to just pump to take the edge off, and since I only had one pump attachment clean, I only pumped one side at a time, and got this amazing (for me) amount of milk.

Since I am not working this school year (and praying that I don’t have to work next school year either), this morning I started wondering what I should do with all the milk I have in the freezer.  With Hadassah, I was pretty active in pumping as much as I could to build up a supply during my maternity leave.  With Emmanuel, I am only pumping when I am uncomfortable.  Even so, I have about 80 ounces in the freezer (and I usually have about 8 ounces consistently in the fridge to try to sneak in to Hadassah’s sippy cup here and there).  80 ounces really isn’t a lot of pumped milk.  It’s really only probably a 4 day straight supply of milk for a baby.  But it takes up a good amount in the freezer, and I realized that, since I am not working, I probably won’t need all this milk.

I had heard about an organization called Human Milk for Human Babies two weeks ago from an article I found on pinterest (you can read the article about modern day wet nursing here).  It is basically just a milk network, connecting mothers who have extra milk with mothers who need milk.  I wish I had heard of this organization when I was struggling with my supply with Hadassah.  I am quite passionate about breast milk and babies, so I was excited when I decided to look up my local chapter.

I am not 100% sure what I will do, but I am thinking about donating most of my freezer stash to someone in my city and maybe developing a relationship with a family where I can donate a bit of milk weekly.  When I was pregnant with Emmanuel, I was most looking forward to not having to pump since I wasn’t working.  While I don’t plan to pump religiously any time soon, I think I will continue to pump here and there when I am uncomfortable and I think I can probably easily get a day’s worth of milk each week.  And if it helps a family in need, why not?  And maybe I will burn some extra calories in the deal and get skinnier a little bit sooner (haha).

Here is the link to the website for Human Milk for Human Babies.

Also, I thought it was super exciting to read on their FAQ’s page about how there is something called a lactation stimulating device.  This is used for mothers who are adopting and want to breast feed, and also forlactation mothers who have low supply.  Here is a picture with a link to what that looks like.  How awesome is this!?

Please help adoptive mothers and other mothers out there struggling and share this information!  I had no idea that it was out there until two weeks ago, and I am already on my second kid!


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