24 Feb

Hadassah is growing like a weed.  Last week she was running around the kitchen and I thought, “Hmm… her head is getting close to the counter top.”  A few days later I swear it got even closer to the counter top.  Today I noticed there is literally probably less than a centimeter before she will start hitting her head.

She also makes me laugh more and more every day.  I’ve been realizing over the past few days that she is transitioning to be a little girl.  She isn’t a baby (even though I like to say “My two babies”), and she is leaving the toddler stage.  She talks while bobbing and cocking her head, using the cutest intonation, and waving her hands every which way.  She bats her eyelashes, scrunches her nose, and lets out shrieks of laughter.  She also has this very “adult” walk.  Besides the fact that her normal stride consists of swinging her hips from side to side in the most feminine way, sometimes she will place both hands behind her, palms stacked in the small of her back, and she will pace through the hallway with a furrowed and quizzical brow.

I literally feel like I have blinked and she has gotten this big.  Watching a child grow up is like watching the hands of the clock move.  The minutes tick by, but you never notice when the hands are moving.  Pretty soon five minutes have passed, then ten, then an hour.  My newborn daughter is now a little girl.  I do think I have pinpointed some big transitions in her life.

Hadassah slept in our room for almost 7 months.  That is something I am determined to modify with Emmanuel.  I wanted to keep her as a tiny baby for as long as possible, and should have promoted some independence a bit earlier (for my own sleep sanity).  She transitioned from infant to baby around 5 months.  She transitioned from baby to toddler around 14/15 months.  It is hard to identify a strong transition here because she didn’t walk till she was 17 months, so it is easier to think of a toddler as a baby until they start walking.  However, we got rid of bottles easily at 15 months.  Finally, she has made the transition of toddler to little girl at about 19 months.  I know the “girl stage” will last awhile, and that I can’t compare her to a 7-year-old girl, but she is turning in to quite the little person.

I can hold conversations with Hadassah and she communicates so well.  We play together and she follows directions.  Just yesterday I started teaching her how to put her dirty clothes in the clothes basket!  I am especially excited about that.  Supposedly at 18 months of age, a “normal” vocabulary for children is 6-8 words.  Hadassah at that time frequently said about 60 words.  At 19 months it was well over 100 and I just stopped counting.  She is now 20 months old and she says new things all the time.  She knows lots of animals in both English and Spanish.  She knows all body parts in English and Spanish (except maybe palms and thigh) – in fact I was thinking about starting to teach her the bones in the body!  She also knows several shapes, however she only says those in English.  She knows a variety of foods, but not all of them she communicates in both languages.  For example, she says apple, but not manzana.  She says crema but not sour cream.  I just want to make sure I record her accomplishments, because she amazes me every day.  I’m guessing her vocabulary is around 200 words right now.  I literally was counting and just had to stop because I would think of 10 more words she would say a few minutes after I put my pen down.  Additionally, she still signs words while she is speaking.

I love watching her grow and hope I don’t blink too much and miss other transitions!


2 Responses to “Transitions”

  1. JIBlakley 25 February 2013 at 08:37 #

    So good to hear about her talking up a storm! My husband is so worried that our child won’t speak one language proficiently.

    • Rachel 25 February 2013 at 11:40 #

      Research supports that bilingual kiddos come out ahead in the end. It is also common for them to appear “delayed” in the beginning of language development, but they will catch up! That’s why I was SUPER surprised that Hadassah is so ahead in communication. I was fully expecting her to be behind the curve. The only exception to this is if a child has a mental disorder, then one language is usually better.

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