Homemade whip cream

23 Feb

I feel like I have had PMS for a month straight. It is really annoying. I have the munchies like crazy and I am not satisfied by anything I consume. This is not good for the waistline, and I’m stuck at looking 5 months pregnant (Emmanuel is soooo fat. Shouldn’t that signify that he is sucking the fat off me?). Ugh.

Tonight I had an antojo – roughly translated into English as a craving. I remembered I bought 2 canisters of strawberries on sale a few days ago, which means they needed to be eaten or consumed pretty much by today.

I was planning on cutting them up and freezing them tonight, but my antojo for something (I never can really pinpoint for what) was creeping up. Suddenly strawberries with shortcake and whip cream sounded really good. Only problem was I was missing everything except the strawberries. However, I remembered I actually had some whipping cream in my fridge and realized I could make my own whip cream! So I did. And it was delicious. I used a cup of cream, 3 tablespoons of sugar, and a teaspoon of vanilla. Unfortunately, I realized my electric mixer sounded like it was going to either

A. Explode
B. dangerously eject the beaters and mutilate a part of my body
C. Catch on fire

I mean, I made it through the 5 minute whipping session, but the real tragedy was when only 1 can of strawberries and all the whip cream were gone and I wanted more (Hold your horses. I didn’t eat it all. Fernando ate half).

I didn’t want to take the chance of using the dangerous mixer again. My antojo was surprisingly satisfied. But I couldn’t stop thinking about my whip cream. And I really needed to use up those strawberries…so I did something stupid.

I settled.

I got some hot fudge put from the fridge and had hot fudge and strawberries. It sounded like a good, restaurant worthy idea, but it was disappointing after my phenomenal cream.

Note to self, I need to stick to this formula:

Bananas + hot fudge


Strawberries + whip cream

= culinary happiness.

Do not deviate.


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