The 14 Days of Love (Valentine’s Day) – Spanish Version!!!

1 Feb

My mom is super creative. She can whip out thoughtful and creative ideas like it’s her job. I, however, did not inherit that gene. But, it has been a goal of mine over the past year or so to improve in this area, and let me tell you: it is HARD work!

At the beginning of January, I realized that if I am going to do anything for Valentine’s Day, I had to start planning ASAP. I sat down at Pinterest to get some ideas, and guess what? It didn’t work for me. Why? Sure I found lots of cute ideas, but they did not work in Spanish. While Fernando and I both speak English and Spanish, Spanish is the language in our home and our relationship. I couldn’t give him a bag of nuts and say “I’m nuts about you,” and just translate that in to Spanish. It doesn’t sound romantic at all, and it wouldn’t make sense. So I had to REALLY use my brain to be creative and come up with most of the ideas on my own. So, here are my 14 ideas that I will be doing to show my hubby that I am thinking about him.

Day 1 (That was today!) – I left him a note in the shower with Hadassah’s bathtub markers. It just says, “Feb 1st Today begins the 14 days of love. I love you. Love, Your Wife”Image

Day 2- Invitation to a romantic bubble bath. I’m going to create the event in my cell phone calendar and invite him to it.

Day 3- Naked juice – ok, this is my only thing in English, but how can you beat this for Valentine’s day stuff?! Day 3 is Sunday. I would have loved to have packed this in his lunch during the work week, but it could end up really awkward if someone sees a note attached to it.

Day 4 – an orange for lunch with a note that reads “Tu Eres mi Media Naranja” complete with some tajín. This means “You are my half an orange” with actually translates to “you are my soulmate”. I’m pretty proud of this idea!

Day 5 – a piece of gum with a note that says, “quiero estar siempre pegado a ti” meaning “I want to always be stuck to you”. Works in English as well, but doesn’t quite sound as good.

Day 6 – a sandwich cut in the shape of a heart

Day 7 – he eats quesadillas and eggs for breakfast, so I’m going to leave a note on the cheese that says “Queso prendente eres” which sounds kind of corny and means “you are so surprising”

Day 8 – A note on the toothbrush – “Me haces sonreír”

Day 9 – A simple note in his Nook that says, “Te amo”

Day 10 – Heart-shaped pancakes for breakfast with pink tinted batter

Day 11 – I’m including a heart-shaped hostess cake in his lunch

Day 12 – I’m including a tea bag in his lunch with this note/joke “¿Cuál es el té más lindo?” It means “Which tea is the sweetest tea? And the answer, which I know he knows, is “Te Quiero” Which translates to I love you, but in Spanish there is a play on words, so it is cute.

Day 13 – I’m leaving a note on the eggs in our fridge for when he makes his breakfast. I’m not sure what it is going to say exactly, but even if I did I don’t think I would write it down here, so if you speak Spanish, I’m sure you will understand. Huevos.

Day 14 – I’m going to make heart shaped calzones for dinner! And I’m talking about the ITALIAN calzones, not the Spanish ones, which mean underwear (Hmm… maybe I can incorporate this all somehow)

For the Valentine’s Gift, I was going to try to make a photo gift with the kids’ picture and Emmanuel’s footprints and Hadassah’s handprint on a matte that will help spell out Te Amamos.

So, there it is: my 14 days of love, for a Spanish speaker!


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