Would you rather…?

25 Jan

Yesterday I took the two kiddos out and used the double stroller for the second time ever. Suffice it to say, I got in a major battle with the stroller, who kicked me pretty hard in the shin.

All last night it was throbbing and hurting. I climbed in to bed several times to feed Emmanuel with an extra sting of pain as I folded my leg to sit down. All I could think of all night long was how I’d much rather go through labor and delivery than suffer from my kicked in shin. I wonder how many ladies would agree or disagree with me. Since having two kids without pain medicine and labor and delivery being advertised constantly as ALWAYS horrible and terrifying (disclaimer: I am a firm believer that every labor is different and some indeed are more difficult than others), I have formed a habit of deciding if I’d rather experience X-pain or labor.

For example:

1. Kicked in shin or labor? Labor.
2. Knee surgery or labor? Labor again.
3. Sinus surgery or labor? Yep, labor once again.
4. Whacked elbow on refrigerator door or labor? Yesterday was not my day. I don’t know how I did it but I majorly whacked my elbow on the refrigerator door. I say I don’t know how I did it, but I think the fact that it was somewhere around 2am had something to do with it. Anyway, it hurt like crazy for about 2 minutes then it was fine. So, I’d have to say I’d vote for whacked elbow here.
5. Bite my cheek or labor? Tie. As long as it is a pretty good bite that gets so swollen you keep biting it for days.
6. Migraine or labor? I don’t count this, since I had to suffer several migraines during pregnancy to get to the labor.
7. Pregnancy or labor? Hands down, labor!
8. Break a bone or labor? Laaabor!
9. Get a piercing or labor? Well, everything I have pierced wasn’t bad, so I choose piercing. But if I had to choose between some piercings I don’t have (like tongue) and labor, I’d choose labor!

So, I’ve noticed a trend. In many cases of categorized “unpleasant” things, I would choose labor.

The above things have all happened to me. If you’d like to throw a suggestion at me to answer which I would rather do, let me know, but I can only answer it if it has happened to me.


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