Sleep time: Round 2 (baby 2)

3 Jan

As I laid Hadassah down for her nap, I wondered how we arrived at this point. I developed a very strict routine of reading several books, praying, and singing three songs and sometimes a few minutes of snuggling, rocking, and kisses any time she goes to bed.

I laid her down today, her body nice and relaxed, her eyes open but sleepily vacant, but with a sudden vibrant interjection of, “hi! Hi! Hi!” I smiled at her silly gesture, blew her a kiss and left her room, confident she would go to sleep peacefully.

Sleepy time is so easy. I think I will ALWAYS remember Hadassah to be a good sleeper. But on the other hand I knew we have gone through more than one time period of fighting sleep with bloodshot eyes. Which is why I ask myself, “how did we get here?” I am me. Sure I have tweaked things as a parent here and there, but why did we go through months of great sleeping followed by months or weeks of exasperation?

I chuckle because I know sometimes people would label me as an amazing parent (“Wow! Your baby sleeps all through the night!”) and many other times I would be labeled as a bad parent (“Ugh. Poor thing. Your baby wakes up every hour?”).

Right now Emmanuel isn’t the greatest sleeper. His first few weeks were filled with lots of tummy pain and reflux, and therefore minimum amount of sleep. Then he slept more but only if in our bed. We are making the transition to him sleeping in his crib. I will say that it has been very successful in my eyes, but slow. Sometimes I want to look at others and compare our progress, but I quickly chide myself and tell myself to be happy with what we are doing. I know that following mommy instinct with flexibility and an open mind is incredibly important with newborn babies.


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