New Year’s Day

1 Jan

I’m going to be frank. I think celebrating on December 31st is pretty stupid. We aren’t remembering a significant historical event and tradition, we aren’t celebrating a hero, we aren’t celebrating the savior of the world, we are celebrating the transition to another day.

What’s the big deal about making it to January 1st? If we get that excited and celebratory about making it to another day, shouldn’t we get that excited about making it to every day? It’s much more impacting to view each day as a gift and to start EACH day over. Why must we wait till January 1st to change our lives? What if someone decides in October he wants to lose some weight? If he waits till the NewYear, his bad habits have only been reinforced even moreso for an extra 9 or more weeks.

I also find it interesting that, at least according to the tv, the whole world seems to celebrate the new year (except the Chinese? I think they have a different date?). Why is the whole world so enthralled with this?

I’ve decided that next year I am going to make New Year’s Eve a more meaningful celebration. Don’t get me wrong, I love celebrating. I take every opportunity to celebrate that I can. For example, Mexican independence day is quite a fun celebration, and I’m not Mexican. But just an empty celebration of staying up to greet the following day and vowing to follow through on resolutions 99% of the population won’t keep just seems silly. It always made me feel like a hypocrite and a failure. Next year I will celebrate differently. I will celebrate once again the arrival of Christ. “it’s been two thousand and some years since Christ arrived to our world and changed the way we did our dates!” I know that Jesus was actually born around 3 B.C., but the reason we are in 2013 and not five thousand something is because Jesus rocked our world. That sounds like something worth celebrating. And it gives me some great satisfaction knowing most of the world is celebrating that, atheist, Jew, and Christian alike.


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